Rock legends The Dawnbreakers – Amazing Friendly Apple Reform!

Sunday, 23 January 2011, 10:21 | Category : Leeds
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Last night for the first time in over 40 years, Leeds music legends and key figures in the sixties music scene The Dawnbreakers/Amazing Friendly Apple reunited. The band shared tales of supporting Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Kinks as well as in their guise as the Amazing Friendly Apple what it was like recording one of the greatest psych singles of all time ‘Magician’.

[tubepress video=”Z8gOmOnE3ME”]

If you haven’t already seen it why not check out the full story of the band exclusively at:

9 Comments for “Rock legends The Dawnbreakers – Amazing Friendly Apple Reform!”

  1. 1Graham

    Were there any more pictures taken of the get-together of the best ever band to emerge from Leeds?

  2. 2another graham

    hi. am anxious to contact anyone in the dawnbreakers. only members in 1966. am interested to know if the band plyed butlins, ayr,in that year? your biog i have just read does not seem to totally confirm this. if you guys are the band you profoundly changed my musical direction. the dawnbreakers were a soul band, and from leeds. was that you? can whoever sees this and knows the band put themb in touch with me. cheers. graham

  3. 3Joanna

    Hi Graham, did you make contact with any of the Dawnbreakers? I just had a date the other week with one of the founder members, Arthur Lindon, who lives in Lincs. He told me to look up his early days on the web, and YouTube, and I saw your comment here. Hope you made contact.

  4. 4Gill Horner

    I recognise that man !!! Mr Rod Brooks no less. Heard you on the radio and read up on how you made it to Butlins Filey. I had a smashing holiday (one of many at Butlins) in 65 I thought (or 64) dotage stuff creeping in!
    Had a wee little fling with you Rod(we behaved)I was rather young. Do you remember a lass doing a pencil drawing of the whole band and sending it to you? Twas me.
    I am glad you still play. I am a Pudsey lass now (not Pateley Bridge), married twice, 2 grown up children, flew gliders, rode motorbikes, have photographic studio and have written a book. Good on you guys – you left me with some smashing memories – keep on trucking. Gill Horner (nee Gillian Watson)

  5. 5Rod Brooks

    Hi………Sure is me…..& we were The dawnbreakers

  6. 6Pete

    Hi, Read the article about The Jimi Hendrix Experience at Ilkley. Sorry chaps through the mists of time you have got it a bit wrong.If I can help I will try to jog your memories
    The venue for the Jimi Hendrix gig was in fact the Troutbeck Hotel. Ilkley
    The Stoney Lea Hotel Ilkley is on a main road down into Ilkley.The Troutbeck is more hidden away up quite a long side road.
    I have a copy of the actual contract made between Chas Chandler and the Troutbeck Hotel.
    Finally I was there.
    If you would like a copy of the contract please email and I will copy and send you one.
    Pete Dickinson
    The Tarantulas 1963-66
    Moldy Warp 1966-69, 92-98

  7. 7Rod Brooks

    Anyone want to contact us, please do.

  8. 8art lindon

    who is joanna? wish i knew[wink]
    art lindon

  9. 9Mick Rabbitt

    Hi Rod , Pete, John , Des , and Barry – we were the Mike King Trio -Pig and Whistle at Filey Butlins , whilst you played in the Rock Ballroom , had some great times with you lads , often wonder what happened to you all
    Nice to see that you all met up for a reunion bet it was a great night
    All the best to you all – Mick

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