Patrick Campbell-Lyons of Nirvana

Thursday, 26 April 2012, 20:33 | Category : Interview
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Jason Barnard of the Strange Brew Podcast talks to Patrick Campbell-Lyons, one half of psychedelic pioneers Nirvana.

A legendary sixties figure, Patrick tells the Strange Brew of his early days to his time in Nirvana, the first group to be released on Island Records and the first to produce a rock-opera with ”The Story of Simon Simopath” LP. They produced some truly magical material including the “Tiny Goddess” and “Pentecost Hotel” singles and a string of peerless albums including “All Of Us” and “Black Flower”.

Patrick Campbell-Lyons
Patrick Campbell-Lyons (used with kind permission)

Patrick has continued to produce a range of great material, and tells of his recent successful book Psychedelic Days. With a forthcoming Nirvana release and one of the hottest British bands sampling “Rainbow Chaser” it’s a great time to meet up:

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