Octopus Syng – Reverberating Garden Number 7

Saturday, 7 June 2014, 11:54 | Category : Reviews
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(Mega Dodo)

Review by Jason Banard

Led by Jaire Pätäri, Finland’s Octopus Syng have been releasing psych-themed wonders for about 10 years and have recently released the new album, Reverberating Garden Number 7. 

Octopus Syng

The whole long player has a retro psych sound with its’ excellent tracks well worth seeking out. Bringing some Jefferson Airplane sensibility to its Syd Barrett core is no bad thing as doomy psych opener, the aptly named ‘Avant-Garden’, attests. 

[tubepress video= 3HCsbe4y0gk] 

‘In The Middle of Nowhere’ brings in acid folk and ‘Cuckoo Clock Mystery’ recalls The Blossom Toes. 

[tubepress video=r4SNsrswOhg] 

‘You Are The Poem’ and ‘Mirror of Our Memories’ are lovely haunting Barrett-esque psych-folk numbers. Closing with the nine minute finale ‘Listen to the Moths’ the record branches into a proggier direction whilst keeping the group’s psychedelic undertones. 

More information on this and more of Mega Dodo’s aural goodies are available athttp://megadodo.bandcamp.com

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