Leeds Beat!

Leeds was not known as a musical hotbed in the 1960s. I just don’t understand! But if you dig a little deeper the city brought the world some of the greatest music ever made.

Amazing Friendly Apple Promo Sheet – 1968

Here’s just one more chance to hear long forgotten bedrocks next to worldwide smashes. Thanks to Peter Waddington (The Dawnbreakers & Amazing Friendly Apple), Jeff Christie (The Outer Limits & Christie) and Trevor Midgely (Beau) for their advice and support.

  1. Barry Ryan – Eloise (Single A-side, MGM, 1968)
  2. The Cresters – I Just Don’t Understand (Single A-side, HMV, 1964)
  3. The Dawnbreakers – Let’s Live (Single A-side, Decca, 1965)
  4. The Cherokees – Dig a Little Deeper (Single A-side, Columbia, 1965)
  5. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind (Single A-side, United Artists, 1966)
  6. Barry Booth – He’s Very Good With His Hands (Diversions, PYE, 1968)
  7. The Outer Limits – Just One More Chance (Single A-side, Deram, 1967)
  8. The Easybeats- Land of Make Believe (Vigil, United Artists, 1968)
  9. The Bedrocks – Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Single A-side, Columbia, 1968)
  10. New York Public Library – Gotta Get Away (Single A-side, MCA, 1968)
  11. Amazing Friendly Apple – Magician (Single B-side to Water Woman, Decca, 1969)
  12. Beau – Imagination (Beau, Dandelion, 1969)
  13. Jake Thackray – The Castleford Ladies Magic Circle (Jake’s Progress, EMI, 1969)
  14. Christie – Yellow River (Single A-side, CBS, 1970)
  15. Christie – Picture Painter (For All Mankind, CBS, 1971)
  16. The Grumbleweeds – (Hey Babe) Follow Me (Single A-side, Decca, 1974)
  17. Stevie Wright – Evie (Single A-side, Albert Productions (Australia), 1974)

6 Comments for “Leeds Beat!”

  1. 1MJ

    I remember dancing to yellow river at school when I was little. Cool!

  2. 2Daragh Corcoran

    Hi Jason,
    Really interesting webcast. I never realised how much was going on in Leeds back in the 60s and I’ve presenting Flashback for 3 years on BBC Radio Leeds. It would be great if you got in touch we could chat about doing an item on the radio station. Drop me an email with your phone number and I’ll give you a call if you like.

    Best wishes


  3. 3admin

    Many thanks Daragh- much appreciated. Would be great to an item. I’ll get in touch!

  4. 4David

    I remember seeing The Apple playing at an all-nighter in the Mecca 10pin bowl. I was a work colleague of Carl Young the DJ there, so he was able to tell me who would be on, where etc. Good times…

  5. 5Steve Clarkson

    Hi Jason
    I’ve been a close friend of Pete for over 40 years and we still keep in touch.I was lead singer in one of the “Golden Group Years” in 60’s Leeds -THE DIMENTIONS, (Yes, with a T!)
    Can send photo if interested.
    Keep up your great work in keeping the memories alive!

  6. 6Mark

    Great podcast! i’m a huge fan of 60’s music and a Leeds lad born and bread! The Bass players from the Dawnbreakers lives next down to my sister in Allwoodley.


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