July – Resurrection

Friday, 21 October 2016, 19:32 | Category : Interview, July
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As they are about to release their new album on vinyl, Jason Barnard talks extensively to Tom Newman and Peter Cook of July about the band, past and present.

July - Tom Newman and Peter Cook

British psych band July burned briefly back in the late 60s. After this initial phase for the group, they thought they were forgotten with the band consigned to history. However July’s profile has steadily risen over the years, their album and single My Clown / Dandelion Seeds (in particular) have met escalating record prices, cover versions and name checked by influential musicians:


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  1. 1FLann O' Brien

    Reading an old Mojo this morning from 2011 while confined to bed with flu, came across an article on July and googled for more. Discovered your blog. Wow! What a goldmine. Great interview with Tom & Peter. Fascinating stories about about the Beatles , Oldfield, custom guitars and their lost classic album. Live clips really impressive too. Tom’s solo album sounded pretty unique, will have to check that out. Hours later still scrolling through your blog. Have to download all podcasts next. Thanks for all your dedicated hard work, certainly a tonic for a sickly old psychedelic geezer.Keep up the great work!

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