Al Stewart Podcast Part 2

Monday, 25 January 2016, 20:39 | Category : Podcasts
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In the second part of a career spanning podcast Al Stewart talks to Jason Barnard to mark the re-release of three of his classic albums on Esoteric.


  1. Al Stewart – Lord Grenville (Year Of The Cat, RCA, 1976)
  2. Al Stewart – Life In Dark Water (Time Passages, RCA, 1978)
  3. Taxi Mauve – Merlin’s Time (Far Off Fields, Keltia Musique, 1992)
  4. Al Stewart – Nostradamus/World Goes To Riyadh (Live/Indian Summer, RCA, 1981)
  5. Al Stewart – Last Days of the Century / Constantinople / Last Days (Uncorked, Wallaby Trails, 2009)
  6. Al Stewart – Leave It (Rhymes In Rooms, EMI, 1992)
  7. Al Stewart – Trains (Famous Last Words, EMI, 1993)
  8. Al Stewart – Charlotte Corday (Famous Last Words, EMI, 1993)
  9. Al Stewart – Katherine of Oregon (A Beach Full of Shells, EMI, 1995)
  10. Patchy – Loneliest Place On The Map (Unreleased, Soundcloud, 2012)
  11. Dave Nachmanoff featuring Al Stewart ‎– Sheila Won’t Be Coming Home (Step Up, Troubador, 2011)
  12. Al Stewart with Dave Nachmanoff – Coldest Winter (Uncorked, Wallaby Trails, 2009)
  13. Al Stewart – The Dark and Rolling Sea (Modern Times, CBS, 1975)

This final show takes us from mid 70s superstardom to the present day. Fantastic music from and written by Al is played throughout. If you missed it do check out the first part of the Al Stewart Podcast. For more information do also visit

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  1. 1WiWBird

    Another great episode. Al is my favorite song writer and having an interview that takes the time you do is wonderful. Thank you very much.

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