Geoff Emerick – The Beatles

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Geoff Emerick talks about recording the Fab Four and new show The Sessions, a live re-staging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios.

The Sessions At Abbey Road

  1. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver, Parlophone, 1966)
  2. The Beatles – Love Me Do (Anthology 1, Apple, 1995 rec 6 June 1962)
  3. The Beatles – She Loves You (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1963)
  4. The Beatles – I Feel Fine (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1963)
  5. Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo (Single A-side, HMV, 1966)
  6. The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (Revolver, Parlophone, 1966)
  7. The Beatles – Paperback Writer (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1966)
  8. The Beatles – Rain (Single B-side to Paperback Writer, Parlophone, 1966)
  9. The Beatles – Strawberry Fields Forever (Double A-side with Penny Lane, Parlophone, 1967)
  10. The Beatles – A Day in the Life (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone, 1967)
  11. The Beatles – Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone, 1967)
  12. The Beatles – Within You Without You (Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Parlophone, 1967)
  13. The Beatles – Blackbird (Take 4) (Anthology 3, Apple, 1996 rec 11 June 1968)
  14. The Beatles – Something (Abbey Road, Apple, 1969)
  15. The Beatles– Oh! Darling (Abbey Road, Apple, 1969)
  16. Paul McCartney and Wings – Band on the Run (Band on the Run, Apple, 1973)
  17. Elvis Costello and the Attractions – Almost Blue (Imperial Bedroom, F-Beat, 1982)
  18. The Beatles – Hey Jude (Single A-side, Apple, 1968)

Talking to Jason Barnard, hear Geoff describe how key Beatles tracks took shape in the studio. For more information on The Sessions go to


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Review by Jason Barnard

Hailing from the very cool Swedish town of Uppsala, Slapran ape the great Vertigo releases of the early 70s with an excellent hard prog-rock LP. Rehearsing for 20 years for the debut album is some back story.


Opener ‘Do You Have An Open Mind?’ sets the tone with a heavy riffing instrumental before taking their lead from Pink Floyd with the excellent ‘Time’s Gonna Change’ with guest vocals from Maja Hjelm. ‘Dagsmeja’ sets the control for the heart of the prog. Side 1 closes with the bluesier ‘Buckets’ with superb guitar work from Peter Nylund.

Side 2 presents the ambitious ‘In The Spur Of The Moment’, a track that gives the whole band the chance to shine with its absorbing song suite.

300 vinyl copies have been pressed. Definitely worth a listen. Grab it now at

Celebrate The Summer of 66

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In July 1966 the first ever rock festival in Britain was being held. The sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival at Windsor marked a big change and was the precursor of the Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Monterey and Woodstock. Its line up in that year moved from being blues and jazz to bands like The Who, the Small Faces and the Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Not to mention the first unveiling of a trio with as yet no name comprising Eric, Ginger and Jack. 


Now, five decades later, homage is being paid. A special anniversary concert – On Track For Summer – is being held at the same venue, the Royal Windsor Racecourse, over the weekend of July 23 and July 24.

On the first day, Donovan, headlines the 50th Anniversary of the seminal 1966 National Jazz and Blues Festival – leading a cast of sixties originals, the people who made it all happen. The line-up also includes, The Manfreds, Chris Farlowe, PP Arnold, Cliff Bennett, Davy O’List of The Nice (with a tribute to his late band mate Keith Emerson) plus The Move featuring Trevor Burton and Bev Bevan.

Sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival, 1966, Windsor

Molly Marriott, the daughter of Small Faces’ front man Steve who appeared at Windsor ‘66, is there to honour her late father while one of today’s best blues singers, Beth Rowley, will play a special Christine Perfect/Fleetwood Mac influenced set to mark the day.

Tickets will be available shortly from

Trolley – Caught In The Darkness

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Review by Jason Barnard

A few years back I hailed Trolley’s ‘Things That Shine And Glow’as a masterpiece and Milkwaukee’s finest have produced a worthy follow-up in ‘Caught In The Darkness’.


The title track bounces the listener straight into anthemic power-pop, a theme continued through much of the LP. Highlights include ‘Thursday Girl’ blending 90s indie with Jeff Lynne. ‘Step Into The Clear’ and ‘Crying All The Time’ recall the Zombies in their prime.

‘All The Way’ brings a welcome pop-psych tinge to proceedings while conversely, new wave Elvis Costello is modelled through ‘She Helps Me Celebrate’ .

‘Take My Love’ closes with a journey back to psychedelia highlighting that the band encapsulate the best sounds of the 60s to 90s whilst being fresh and now. An essential record for 2016.

Malcolm Tomlinson

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By Nick Warburton and David Mandel

Malcolm Tomlinson, who died 2 April at 69, was a veteran of the London rock scene during the early-late 1960s, backing visiting soul acts for Roy Tempest’s Agency and cutting a BBC radio session with Elton John. He transplanted to Toronto in 1969, forging a solid reputation as a noted solo artist and as a seasoned side musician for artists like Rick James.

Malcolm Tomlinson, late 1970s

                                      Malcolm Tomlinson, late 1970s

Malcolm Tomlinson Obituary


Annie Haslam – Renaissance

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The unmistakable voice of Annie Haslam crowned the lush recordings of Renaissance in 70s, a group responsible for timeless songs such as ‘Ashes Are Burning’, ‘Mother Russia’ and ‘Northern Lights’. Now based in the States, Annie will shortly embark on a rare UK tour with Renaissance.

For the first time the shows will bring them together with co-headliners Curved Air. The eight shows start on 17 April at the Buxton Opera House, culminating at London’s Shepherds Bush 02 Academy on 26 April. 

Annie Haslam - Renaissance

In advance, Annie wets our appetite for what promises to be a string of great concerts by speaking to Jason Barnard. She reflects on her time with Renaissance, their fantastic return to form as well as pondering their plans for the future.