What About Us?

Jason Barnard speaks to the author of “What About Us?”, Bruce Welsh, an excellent new rocklopedia of Britain’s other recording groups 1962-1966. Bruce picks some of his favourite tracks from almost 1700 singles he researched from the essential period of British beat.

Bruce Welsh and Jason Barnard

Bruce Welsh and Jason Barnard

  1.  The Redcaps – Talkin Bout You (Single A-side, Decca, 1963)
  2. The Blue Rondos – Little Baby (Single A-side, Pye, 1964)
  3. Brett Young & The Ghost Squad – You Can’t Fool Me (Single B-side to Never Again, Pye, 1964)
  4. Nix-Nomads – She’ll Be Sweeter Than You (Single B-side to You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You, HMV, 1964)
  5. Jean and The Statesides – Putty In Your Hands (Single A-side, Columbia, 1964)
  6. The Beatmen – Now The Sun Has Gone (Single A-side, Pye, 1965)
  7. The Termites – Tell Me (Single A-side, Oriole, 1965)
  8. The Masterminds – She Belongs To Me (Single A-side, Immediate, 1965)
  9. The Montanas – All That Is Mine Can Be Yours (Single A-side, Piccadilly, 1965)
  10. The Pathfinders – Don’t You Believe It (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1965)
  11. Tierney’s Fugitives – Did You Want To Run Away (Single A-side, Decca, 1965)
  12. The Lancastrians – Not The Same Anymore (Single B-side to The World Keeps Going Round, Pye, 1966)
  13. The Loving Kind – Ain’t That Peculiar (Single A-side, Piccadilly, 1966)
  14. Thane Russal & Three – Security (Single A-side, CBS, 1966)
  15. St. Louis Union – East Side Story (Single A-side, Decca, 1966)
  16. The Sands of Time – Where Did We Go Wrong (Single A-side, Pye, 1966)

Hear Bruce’s insight into the British recording groups, trios and duos that helped to shape the sounds of the sixties. Although the vast majority of these bands never set foot on North American shores, they were very much a part of what came to be known as The British Invasion. Hear selected tracks and stories from the 930 British recording groups, trios and duos, covered in “What About Us?”, who released at least one single in the U.K. between January 1962 and December 1966 .

More information on “What About Us?”, including how to get your hands on a copy, can be found at:

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  1. 1ron sanchez

    Nice to hear the Redcaps. Dave Walker lives up here in Montana these days. He recorded two albums with my band, Donovan’s Brain and did some other sessions I produced.

    I’m glad you didn’t repeat that incorrect information that suggests Jimmy Page played on their records. Dave has said in no uncertain terms that Page was never on any of their records… though he has said that JP Jones may have played bass on a track

    great concept for your show.


    you can check out my own radio show here

  2. 2Tony Aldridge

    The Pathfinders
    Spent a great couple of hours with Bruce and Jan at the Liverpool launch of his book.
    The podcast compliments the book beautifully. Being able to hear some of the songs rather than just reading about them is a definite plus. At the time we probably didn’t pay much attention to what groups were doing in other parts of the country – even if they were available locally.
    For the full Pathfinders’ story and the making of ‘Don’t You Believe It’ see the website
    Tony Aldridge

  3. 3Bill Brazier

    I’ve met Bruce several times over the last year to help with the compiling of What About Us and I think he’s produced a very well written book. The presentation and style of it is excellent with lots of great old 60s photos and information. There are three of us left now, myself, Bill Moseley and Paul Mountain. It’s quite an honour to have Now The Sun Has Gone as one of Bruce’s top 16 picks. A very informative book which really captures the spirit of the era.

  4. 4Justin Welsh

    Great show Dad, very proud of you!

  5. 5Svein Haugen

    Way to go buddy. Hope you have some for sale in the store front. I want a signed copy. Start working on the next one.

  6. 6Paul Mountain

    Bruce,it’s wonderful that you have included Now the Sun has Gone in your own hit parade as Bill Moseley the composer is,as we speak in the hospital having a triple heart by-pass.

    We,the Beatmen are,after more than 50 years still very close and you choosing his song will give him a much needed lift and aid his recovery.

    Good luck from all of us with the new book.

  7. 7Howard Roberts

    Fantastic. So many names I remember playing with at the California Ballroom in Dunstable, Stevenage Locarno, and the Hermitage Ballroom in Hitchin, Herts.

    I had a quick shufty through the index and saw my old group The Niteshades in there.

    Here’s one from the vaults where we did the title music for a movie called Be My Guest. Here’s the clip:

    Three of us are still in close contact, and two of us are still doing gigs.

  8. 8Keith John Redworth

    I wonder if you know where the Termites are now. I lost contact with Rita and Tina Layzell and would like to find them. I wrote Everyday-Everyday and was a very good friend of theirs and the Leemen their original backing group. Rita is the God-parent for one of my children. They were really great singers and wonderful friends. Any help or advice concerning them would be brilliant, and thanks for recognising talent when you hear it….. Keith John Redworth

  9. 9Bruce Welsh

    Hi Keith. Both Rita and Tina are in Norfolk now. If you send me your email I will forward it to them. my direct email is whataboutus@telus.net

  10. 10lee

    never realized the doo wop roots of tell me until i heard the termits version

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