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The Pretty Things were one of the shaping forces of the British rock scene of the 1960s; from revolutionary raucous R&B, incendiary psychedelia to forming the concept album. They’ve continued to push boundaries since and whilst band members have come and gone their latest line-up sees them revitalised, forged around founder members Phil May and Dick Taylor.

With a string of sold out shows, these recipients of Mojo magazine’s Hero award are demonstrating that in their 50th year that they are are as vital a force as ever.

Pretty Things JasonBarnard

The Pretty Things and Jason Barnard (left to right: Phil May, Jason, Dick Taylor, George Perez and Frank Holland) 

The Strange Brew’s Jason Barnard met the group backstage at The Borderline in London earlier this year to discuss their past, present and future:

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  1. 1juliette

    I love your article ! it’s hard for me to understand every thing, but I guess because I love Music !
    David Bowie song ‘s ” Oh , you pretty Things ” was written for them , isn’t it ?

    Scuse me for my bad English 🙂

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