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In a landmark podcast, legendary rock band The Pretty Things are interviewed by Jason Barnard on the Strange Brew Podcast backstage at the Borderline Club, London. Listen to the group talking about their amazing 50 year career and some of the tracks that helped shape it.

Pretty Things and Jason Barnard

The Pretty Things and Jason Barnard (left to right: Phil May, Jason, Dick Taylor, George Perez and Frank Holland)

  1. The Pretty Things – Honey, I Need (Single A-side: Live at the 100 Club 2010, Fruits de Mer, 2012)
  2. H.M. Subjects ‎– Don’t Bring Me Down (Single A-side, Saint, 1966)
  3. David Bowie – Rosalyn (Pin Ups, RCA, 1973)
  4. Little Bob – Midnight to Six (The Gift, Dixie Frog, 2005)
  5. The Desperates – LSD (Single A-side, CCA (Germany), 1966)
  6. The Pretty Things – Defecting Grey – extended version (S.F. Sorrow – bonus track, Snapper, 1998, original version released as a 1967 single)
  7. Styx – Talkin Bout the Good Times (Big Band Theory, New Door, 2005)
  8. Ulver – Bracelets of Fingers (Childhood’s End, Kscope, 2012)
  9. The Electric Banana – Eagle’s Sun (Even More Electric Banana, Music De Wolfe, 1969)
  10. The Pretty Things/Phillipe Debarge – Alexander (Phillippe Debarge, Ugly Things, 2010)
  11. The Pretty Things – Grass (Parachute, Harvest, 1970)
  12. The Pretty Things – Singapore Silk Torpedo (Silk Torpedo, Swan Song, 1974)
  13. Phil May & The Fallen Angels – Fallen Angels (Phil May & The Fallen Angels, Philips, 1978)
  14. The Pretty Things – Bitter End (Cross Talk, Warner Bros, 1980)
  15. The Pretty Things – All Light Up (Latest Writs; The Best Of, Snapper, 2000)
  16. Sidewalk Society – She Says Good Morning (Sorrow’s Children, Fruits de Mer, 2012)
  17. The Pretty Things – Helter Skelter (The White EP, Fruits de Mer, 2012)

Hear Phil, Dick, Frank and George plus 17 choice Pretty Things tracks including side projects and some of the best covers of their material.

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