The Electric Crayon Set – What A Rotter Of A Day

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Arriving resplendent through the post one day came The Electric Crayon Set LP. 12 inches of blue platter with an eye catching album cover. With a cool band name for the group mirroring a classic Rubble comp, ‘What A Rotter Of A Day’ promised big things. Thankfully the contents deliver in spades, digging Anglophile psych-pop whilst throwing in handfuls of earth from other genres.


What’s surprising is The Electric Crayon Set are Finnish but it’s clear they’re fans of The Small Faces, The Zombies and Martin Newell. Two other comparisons I would make are XTC in Dukes of Stratosphear mode who ape and reinvent the 60s sound plus The White Kites who are making waves over in Poland. Both bands who tie strong songwriting with a love of melodic invention and retro studio tricks. (Note The Electric Crayon Set pre-date the splendid White Kites.)

Opener ‘What A Rotter of A Day’ actually starts with a modern edge with strident indie guitars and keyboards with a spoken word backing Morrissey was so fond of. The chorus is instantly catchy with these Finns bringing a London sound to proceedings.

‘Good Girl’ then adds a bit of bite then ‘Morning Musicians’ is touching acid folk. ‘Black Prince’ meets Andy Partridge with My Life Story’s ‘King of Kissingdom’. Ending side a is ‘Kitty Ruxpin’ another of those great character studies that wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Modern Life is Rubbish’.

Whilst not going into detail on all the tracks, the songs remain consistently good shown by ‘Key To The Sacred Pattern’ where ‘And Your Bird Can Sing’s riff plays proudly alongside the infectious beat. ‘These Nights are Supernatural’ brings a more modern indie edge with a hearty pop chorus.

The set closes with a cover of Apple’s stone cold classic ‘The Otherside’. It works exceedingly well and nestles in neatly with the 11 other originals, testament to the playing of this talented band who deserve wider recognition. Perhaps they’re not cool enough for the NME but just listen to the music and decide for yourself. You won’t be one of the disappointed:

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