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2012 – 50 Years – Calling On All Legends of the Ealing Blues Scene

In March 2012, it will be 50 years since Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies opened the doors of the Ealing Blues Club. In 1962, the Ealing Club would bring together the Rolling Stones as a band. Young musicians such as Eric ClaptonRod Stewart and Pete Townshend would also be given a chance to experiment with the blues.

Paul Jones
Paul Jones

To celebrate this unique anniversary some legendary Ealing Club artists have already been booked for the Blues festival in 2012.

Legendary Ealing Club Artists’ booked for 2012 include:

Paul Jones – The ‘voice of British Blues’ on R2 and former Manfred Mann vocalist

Art Themen – Sax player with Alexis Korners Blues Incorporated

The Downliners Sect – Cult 60’s legends and contemporaries of The Rolling Stones & The Yardbirds.

Ali McKenzie – Vocalist with The Birds whose guitarist was Ronnie Wood (now of the Rolling Stones).

Musicians from the early days of British rock and blues – linked with the scene – who would be interested in taking part can contact the Artistic Director of The Ealing Blues Festival Bob Salmons at

Further details for all can be found at and

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  1. 1Fred O'Brien

    Hello,it’s me again,still keen to tackle the plaque referred to
    in the press reports and your website.I very much doubt that
    English Heritage will oblige with one of their blue plaques,NOT
    because it does not rate Messrs Korner,R.Stewart or any other
    musician of any calibre but because EH only puts plaques on
    DWELLINGS.Plaque subjects must have been dead 20 years or been
    born 100 years ago.It’s that basic/simple.But all is not lost
    ‘cos I’m the best plaque dersigner in Christendom and can not
    only design a superduper plaque but also supply miniature
    facsimiles of this for presentation to some and sale to others.
    Fred O>Brien T 0151-208 4039 M 07971 120271

  2. 2Bruce Russell

    Hi – my name is Bruce Russell and in the early 60’s I played in a group called Linda Russell and the Keymen – Linda is my wife. We also worked at Butlins Filey in 1964 (and previously in 1963). I remember the Dawn Breakers well – and along with them, an extra duty was to judge a kind of ‘juke box jury’. Rob the bass player with the Dawn Breakers used to say, “if it’s not R and B it’s crap”. I also remember their guitar player having to leave early in the season, and the new guy who played a 335 (one of my favourite axes). If you are still in touch with any of them give them my regards. Rod’s son – also a fine bass player came to a jam session at the Vine Tavern Keighley a while ago – it was nice to see the skills passed on to the next generation. Cheers – Bruce Russell (still gigging).

  3. 3Michelle

    I attended the blue plaque ceremony and afternoon show on Saturday, 17 March. It was well-attended and even Charlie Watts came along. A fabulous history which was celebrated with style on the day with live music and more to follow on other dates. So pleased it is getting the recognition it deserves.

  4. 4Michelle

    Meant to add, your blue plaque information is incorrect, Fred. But nice try on the marketing front! 🙂

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