The Denny Laine Connection

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It’s time to reconnect with a great singer, songwriter and guitarist. The Strange Brew Podcast salutes Denny Laine!

Denny Laine circa 1968

From the Moody Blues, solo, Wings, to side projects and beyond – listen to a fantastic hour of records that Brian Frederick Arthur Hines has either sung, written or played on.

  1. Denny Laine – Band on the Run (Blue Wings – The Ultimate Collection, GoldenLane, 2008)
  2. The Moody Blues – Boulevard de la Madeleine (Single A-side, Decca, 1966)
  3. The Moody Blues – Life’s Not Life (Single A-side, Decca, 1967)
  4. Denny Laine’s Electric String Band – Too Much in Love (Single A-side, Deram, 1968)
  5. Denny Laine’s Electric String Band – Catherine’s Wheel (Single B-side to Too Much In Love, Deram, 1968)
  6. Ginger Baker’s Air Force – Man of Constant Sorrow (Ginger Baker’s Air Force, Polydor, 1970)
  7. Colin Blunstone – Say You Don’t Mind (Single A-side, Epic, 1972)
  8. Denny Laine – Find a Way Somehow (Single A-side, Wizard, 1973)
  9. Paul McCartney & Wings – No Words (Band on the Run, Apple, 1973)
  10. Mike McGear – Leave It (McGear, Warner Bros, 1974)
  11. Wings – The Note You Never Wrote (Wings At The Speed of Sound, Parlophone/EMI, 1976)
  12. Wings – Mull of Kintyre (Single A-side, Capitol, 1977)
  13. George Harrison – All Those Years Ago (Single A-side, Dark Horse, 1981)
  14. Paul McCartney – Wanderlust (Tug of War, Parlophone/EMI,1982)
  15. The Moody Blues – Go Now (Single A-side, Decca, 1964)

5 Comments for “The Denny Laine Connection”

  1. 1Steve Davis


    Thanks so much for the Denny Laine compilation – thoroughly enjoyed, can we have some more? I had forgotten how good the Electric String Band sounded, Steve.

  2. 2Pete Brent

    Great to find your site.Was impressed with The Dawnbreakers/Amazing Friendly Apple articles as I was involved with them in the sixties.
    However,I would like to appeal to those of you out there with an extensive knowledge of Denny Laine.I have in my possesion a complete press pack relating to Denny Laines Phoenix.It has signed photos,a biography and a flyer in a folder.The guy I got it off told me that the tour never took off but there is someone currently selling on EBay a contract for the Band to appear in Bristol Colston Hall.I queried the sale but the seller was clueless as to wether the gig ever took place.
    I would appreciate help on this.Keep on Truckin.Pete

  3. 3Nick

    Hi there

    I did a fairly extensive article on his Electric String band at:

    I would like to try and get these tracks released on CD if anyone can help?


  4. 4trish planck

    Fell in love with that voice when I was in high school in 1965. What an INCREDIBLE musician!!! Always wanted to see him in concert but alas it was not to be. Wish the powers that be wouldn’t have pigeon hoped him in his early career as he had so much to contribute to the musical world. Hard to see someone you admire so much being relegated to backup. Denny you are amazing! Would love to hear more of him on your podcasts! Thanks so much.

  5. 5trish planck

    Sorry the phrase I was going for was pigeonholed not hope. 🙂

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