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By Jason Barnard As we enter 2018 there are a range of new aural delights out to tempt the discerning listener. Lucille Furs are the hottest new band to get my toes tapping. As The Lemon Twiggs reinvigorated the 70s sound in 2017, Lucille Furs will surely do the same for the late 60s music […]

Wally Waller Interview – The Pretty Things Rock St Trop

Friday, 17 November 2017, 20:06 | Category : Articles, Interview
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The story is the stuff of rock legend; heir to a fortune Philippe DeBarge contacts his favourite band, the Pretty Things who had just released landmark psychedelic album, SF Sorrow, seeking their help as his backing band. What followed was the making a great lost album that bridged the gap between legendary Pretty Things LPs SF […]

The Pretty Things – Bouquets From A Cloudy Sky

Monday, 9 February 2015, 20:45 | Category : News
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For over fifty years, The Pretty Things have proudly, unapologetically and righteously scorched their own, unique trail through contemporary music. A half-century (plus) of the raunchiest white-boy rhythm and blues, of punch-ups, dazzling highs and epic struggles, of innovation and exultation, lauded by their peers, vilified by authority, a crucial influence on successive generations of […]

Fruits de Mer Podcast

Monday, 26 January 2015, 19:58 | Category : Podcasts
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Fruits de Mer Records label chief Keith Jones joins Strange Brew host Jason Barnard to play a selection of tracks from and which inspired the world’s smallest vinyl-only psychedelia/progressive rock/acid-folk/krautrock/R&B/spacerock record label! Schizo Fun Addict – Theme One (Single A-side, Fruits de Mer, 2008) Tír na nÓg – Love Is Like A Promise (Forthcoming Single A-side, […]

The Pretty Things

Thursday, 14 November 2013, 12:42 | Category : Interview
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The Pretty Things were one of the shaping forces of the British rock scene of the 1960s; from revolutionary raucous R&B, incendiary psychedelia to forming the concept album. They’ve continued to push boundaries since and whilst band members have come and gone their latest line-up sees them revitalised, forged around founder members Phil May and Dick Taylor. With […]

The Pretty Things Podcast

Monday, 30 September 2013, 19:21 | Category : The Pretty Things
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In a landmark podcast, legendary rock band The Pretty Things are interviewed by Jason Barnard on the Strange Brew Podcast backstage at the Borderline Club, London. Listen to the group talking about their amazing 50 year career and some of the tracks that helped shape it. The Pretty Things and Jason Barnard (left to right: […]