The Krewcats 1964-65

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In the second part of Nick Warburton’s extensive feature of British beat group, The Krewcats, continues their story into the mid-60s. The Krewcats at Kitty’s Bar, Itzehoe, early January 1965 – Mam Hourie (tenor sax), a German fan, Robert Fielden-Nicholls, Aron (an American USAF Captain who often visited the band), Howie Casey (tenor sax) and another German […]

The Krewkats 1962-1964

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By Nick Warburton Not to be confused with Big Jim Sullivan and Brian Bennett’s Krewkats, the European-based, Birmingham rock ‘n’ roll outfit of the same name took on the mantle in 1963 having received Sullivan’s blessing earlier in London during the summer of 1962. At the end of 1962, the musicians became French singer Dick Rivers’s […]