Patrick Campbell-Lyons – Nirvana

Sunday, 23 July 2017, 13:16 | Category : Interview, Podcasts
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Take a trip with Patrick Campbell-Lyons’ through his 50 year musical journey – from Nirvana, Hat and Tie, his songwriting and excellent new solo album. Nirvana – Pentecost Hotel (Single A-side, Philips, 1971) Hat And Tie – Finding It Rough (Single A-side, President, 1967) Nirvana – Tiny Goddess (Single A-side, Island, 1967) (corrected) Herman’s Hermits […]

The Second Thoughts

Sunday, 11 August 2013, 18:49 | Category : Articles
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By Nick Warburton Original line up, formed February 1963: Patrick Campbell-Lyons (lead vocals) Tony Duhig (lead guitar) Mickey Holmes (bass) Bill Hope (drums) Ealing, Middlesex band, The Second Thoughts were formed around February 1963 and gave birth to a number of notable bands in the late 1960s – Thunderclap Newman, Nirvana, July and Jade Warrior. The Second Thoughts […]

Patrick Campbell-Lyons of Nirvana

Thursday, 26 April 2012, 20:33 | Category : Interview
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Jason Barnard of the Strange Brew Podcast talks to Patrick Campbell-Lyons, one half of psychedelic pioneers Nirvana. A legendary sixties figure, Patrick tells the Strange Brew of his early days to his time in Nirvana, the first group to be released on Island Records and the first to produce a rock-opera with ”The Story of Simon Simopath” LP. […]

The Otherside

Rock musicians had their own unique views on god, the afterlife, religion and theology in the classic rock era. Parchment – Dobbies Song (Hollywood Sunset, Pye, 1973) The Joystrings – No Time To Lose (Well Seasoned, Regal Zonophone, 1966) Nirvana – Pentecost Hotel (The Story Of Simon Simopath, Island, 1967) Felius Andromeda – Meditations (Single […]

The July Connection

Sunday, 26 September 2010, 16:17 | Category : July
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Legendary British band July recorded one of the most sought after Sixties psychedelic albums and released one of the greatest singles not to chart (My Clown/Dandelion Seeds). In this special podcast, the reformed band talk about their career with a selection of their finest songs and tracks related to them. July – Dandelion Seeds (Single […]