Jeff Curtis & The Flames – Part 2

By Nick Warburton  West London R&B band Jeff Curtis & The Flames were regulars at the famous Ealing Club in the early 1960s where they rubbed shoulders with the nascent Rolling Stones. After recording unsuccessfully for Joe Meek on several occasions and briefly backing Johnny Kidd, they ultimately morphed in The Kool in 1967.  Jeff Curtis […]

Andy Keiller

Sunday, 7 April 2013, 19:12 | Category : Articles
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English singer Andy Keiller witnessed the nascent R&B scene in West London before moving to South Africa in March 1964. There he recorded a solo album and single before forming R&B group, The Upsetters with future Influence guitarist Louis McKelvey, another West London émigré, in late 1965. Remarkably, the pair reunited by chance two years […]

Brits Abroad

Saturday, 26 March 2011, 15:03 | Category : Brits Abroad
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Many British born artists recorded and released records outside the UK in the Sixties and Seventies…. From million sellers such as The Bee Gees, CSNY and ACDC to more cult acts who released great material away from the British Isles. Enjoy a bumper podcast featuring some of the best material from the greatest rock and […]


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For a brief moment during 1967 and 1968, Influence was one of the most exciting outfits to emerge on the Toronto rock scene. No other Canadian band at the time could boast such an international flavour, and no other Canadian group, with the exception of The Band, could arguably embody such an eclectic mix of […]