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Friday, 28 November 2014, 17:47 | Category : Podcasts
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To celebrate the release of 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition of  The Magnificent Moodies album, Ray Thomas, founding member of The Moody Blues, joins host Jason Barnard to talk about his incredible career.

The Magnificent Moodies

  1. The Moody Blues – Go Now! (first version) (The Magnificent Moodies – 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Esoteric Recordings, 2014 rec 1964)
  2. The Moody Blues – It Ain’t Necessarily So (The Magnificent Moodies, Decca, 1965)
  3. The Moody Blues – From the Bottom of My Heart (I Love You) (“Saturday Club” session) (The Magnificent Moodies – 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition, Esoteric Recordings, 2014 rec 1965)
  4. The Tangerine Zoo – Another Morning (Outside Looking In, Mainstream (US), 1968)
  5. The Outside Toilet – Legend Of A Mind (Psychedelic Schlemiels, Vol. 3, Wooden Hill, 2009 rec 1970)
  6. The Moody Blues – Eternity Road (To Our Children’s Children’s Children, Threshold, 1969)
  7. The Moody Blues – For My Lady (A Night at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Polydor, 1993)
  8. Ray Thomas – Adam and I (From Mighty Oaks, Threshold Records, 1975)
  9. Ray Thomas – Migration (Hopes, Wishes & Dreams, Threshold Records, 1976)
  10. The Moody Blues – Nice To Be Here (Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Threshold, 1971)
  11. The Moody Blues – Veteran Cosmic Rocker (Long Distance Voyager, Threshold Records, 1981)
  12. The Moody Blues – Celtic Sonat (Keys of the Kingdom, Polydor, 1991)
  13. The Moody Blues – My Little Lovely (Strange Times, Universal, 1999)
  14. Tim O’Brien – Dear Diary (Moody Bluegrass Two…Much Love, BunnyRaeRecords, 2011)
  15. The Moody Blues – Stop (The Magnificent Moodies, Decca, 1965)
  16. Ray Thomas – The Last Dream (Hopes, Wishes & Dreams, Threshold Records, 1976)

Listen to rare tracks from the newly remastered The Magnificent Moodies set, classic Ray Thomas penned Moody Blues tracks, covers and solo material.

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  1. 1Debbie

    I enjoyed listening to this very much. Thank You.

  2. 2Jim

    This is absolutely fantastic.
    Great to hear from Ray again.
    Can’t wait for the c.d.

  3. 3Svend

    Lovely to hear from Ray Again!
    He is surely missed in the Moody Blues!!


  4. 4Mark

    Love the music of Ray Thomas. No work for me today.I will listen to this a number of times. Thanks.

  5. 5Ian

    Great interview – so good to hear Ray again.

  6. 6Heff Munson

    Here’s a humble tribute offering in Ray’s style, somewhere between “Another Morning” and “Eternity Road”. Somebody might enjoy it.

  7. 7Rob Koomen

    Absolutely fabulous! Unbelievable we already miss Ray for more than 11 years. Next year we can hear Ray on the new solo album of John Lodge “10.000 Light Years Ago”.
    Can’t wait for the deluxe cd – all those alternative versions and some extra songs.

  8. 8Mark Mason

    Ray Thomas remains humble and doesn’t say much. Honored to listen to him speak proudly and candidly about his life story now! The year is ending on a good note! It will be wonderful to buy new CDs from Ray Thomas and John Lodge. Two friends for life. Thank You Lee and Ray for this Interview! And Mr Barnard, fine work!!

  9. 9Randy

    Thanks. Excellent interview!

  10. 10prhuds00

    just loved it. the covers were such a treat.

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