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Take a trip with Patrick Campbell-Lyons’ through his 50 year musical journey – from Nirvana, Hat and Tie, his songwriting and excellent new solo album.Patrick Campbell-Lyons

  1. Nirvana – Pentecost Hotel (Single A-side, Philips, 1971)
  2. Hat And Tie – Finding It Rough (Single A-side, President, 1967)
  3. Nirvana – Tiny Goddess (Single A-side, Island, 1967) (corrected)
  4. Herman’s Hermits – Wings of Love (The Best Of Herman’s Hermits Volume III, MGM US, 1967)
  5. Nirvana – Rainbow Chaser (Single A-side, Island, 1968)
  6. The Alan Bown – We Can Help You (Single A-side, Music Factory, 1968)
  7. Jimmy Cliff – Waterfall (Single A-side, Island, 1968)
  8. Nirvana -Oh! What a Performance! (Single A-side, Island, 1969)
  9. Nirvana – The World Is Cold Without You (Dedicated to Markos III, Pye, 1970)
  10. Nirvana – The Saddest Day of My Life (Single A-side, Vertigo, Single A-side, 1971)
  11. Nivana – Please Believe Me (Songs of Love and Praise, Philips, 1972)
  12. Nirvana – Love Is (Single A-side, Pepper /United Artists, 1978)
  13. Nirvana – Shine (Black Flower – reissue, Edsel, 1993)
  14. Patrick Campbell-Lyons – You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet (You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet, Market Square Music, 2017)
  15. Patrick Campbell-Lyons – Different Day (You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet, Market Square Music, 2017)

Remastered and expanded versions of Nirvana’s albums ‘Songs of Love and Praise’ and ‘Local Anaesthetic’ are now available on Cherry Red.

Patrick’s new album ‘You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet’ is out now on Market Square Music.

The 2012 written interview between Patrick and Jason Barnard can still be found at the Strange Brew.

4 Comments for “Patrick Campbell-Lyons – Nirvana”

  1. 1patrick campbell lyons

    Hi Jason. great work with your special song choice’s that capture my persona as a songwriter… is the first time i have listened to a podcast, never too late for a new experience eh! i think podcasts are wonderful so far, could they be the future of the music business??? yammas slainte patrick.

  2. 2thestrangebrew

    Thanks so much Patrick – it was a real privilege speaking to you again. All the best for your superb new album – Jason

  3. 3Caleb Dillon

    Finding this podcast was like a dream come true! I’m such a rabid fan of ANYTHING Nirvana-related, and it’s so rare to find any information about them. Definitely some of my favorite songs and albums of all time that continue to inspire my own songwriting and creativity. So well put together, Jason, thank you so much! And Patrick, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU for a lifetime of strange magic and beguiling and beautiful music!

  4. 4thestrangebrew

    Thanks Caleb – much appreciated 🙂

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