Papernut Cambridge – There’s No Underground

Wednesday, 3 September 2014, 20:31 | Category : Reviews
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Gare Du Nord

Review by Jason Barnard

Former Death In Vegas member Ian Button has corralled a wide range of creative forces for his second album under his Papernut Cambridge brand. They take a Supersonic Rocket Trip to the days Magpie, choppers and Ronno-Bowie stealing Top of The Pops.


“There’s No Underground” mixes gentle 70s glitter (When She Said She Said), dreamy prog-psych (The Long Shadows of Lee) and shameless retro pop (Rock and Roll Sunday Afternoon City Lights). Available on a Vinyl 7” triple set and digital formats it’s an extremely enjoyable listen.  Papernut Cambridge are yet another band that in a different reality would be deservedly chart bound.

[tubepress video=kAcyH3anG8M]

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