Love Poetry And Revolution: A Journey Through The British Psychedelic And Underground Scenes

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David Wells compiler of a special new box set; Love, Poetry and Revolution, joins Strange Brew host Jason Barnard to take you on a journey through the British psychedelic and underground scenes 1966 to 1972.

Love Poetry and Revolution

All tracks available on Love, Poetry and Revolution, Grapefruit/Cherry Red, 2013. Original release or recording date specified where applicable:

  1. Deep Feeling – Pretty Colours (rec 1966)
  2. The Mirage – Ebaneezer Beaver (rec 1967/8)
  3. Mike Stuart Span – Second Production (rec 1967)
  4. The Spencer Davis Group – Mr Second Class (Single A-side, United Artists, 1967)
  5. Neon Pearl – Just Another Day (rec 1967)
  6. Blossom Toes – I’ll Be Late For Tea (demo) (rec 1967)
  7. Infinity – Venetian Glass (rec 1969)
  8. Mark Fry – The Witch (Dreaming With Alice, IT, 1972)
  9. Octopus – Rainchild (Restless Night, Penny Farthing, 1971)
  10. Shy Limbs – Love (Single B-side to Reputation, CBS, 1969)
  11. Forever Amber – Bits Of Your Life Bits Of My Life (The Love Cycle, Advance, 1969)
  12. Tintern Abbey – Busy Bee (demo) (rec 1967)
  13. Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Devil’s Grip (Single A-side, Track, 1967)
  14. Phil Cordell – Red Lady (Single B-side to Pumping The Water, Warner Bros, 1969)
  15. Picadilly Line – Rosemary’s Bluebell Day (rec 1967)
  16. Bill Nelson – End Of The Season (Northern Dream, Smile, 1971)
  17. Hawkwind Zoo – Hurry On Sundown (rec 1969)

Listen to choice cuts from this important new release; including rare material and previously unissued demo recordings from heavyweight underground bands to acts who failed to release anything during their lifetime.

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  1. 1Neil Houlton

    Hi Jason, a Happy New Year. I’m a long time reader and listener but I’ve never left a comment before. The show with David Wells was one of the best ever, great music and infomation. I was 16 when the sixties ended but I was totally into the music scene especially the growing “underground bands”. How great to hear Hawkwind Zoo and Bill Nelson at the end of the show. Could I suggest a show showing how the sixties “Psych” groups morphed into the “underground”. I know thats been done for bands like “July” etc but it would be great to have an overview of this transition period. Thanks for such a great website and keep on trucking. Cheers. Neil.

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