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Jeremy Clyde of Chad and Jeremy joins Jason Barnard to play a career spanning selection of tracks.

Jeremy Clyde

  1. Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde – Yesterday’s Gone (Single A-side, Ember, 1963)
  2. Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde – A Summer Song (Single A-side, Ember, 1964)
  3. Chad and Jeremy – If I Loved You (Single A-side, Ember, 1964)
  4. Chad and Jeremy – What Do You Want With Me (Single A-side, World Artists (US), 1964)
  5. Chad and Jeremy – Before and After (Single A-side, Columbia, 1965)
  6. Chad and Jeremy – Homeward Bound (Distant Shores, Columbia, 1966)
  7. Chad Stuart And Jeremy Clyde – Editorial (Of Cabbages And Kings, Columbia, 1967)
  8. Chad Stuart – Jeremy Clyde – Pipe Dream (The Ark, Columbia, 1968)
  9. Chad Stuart – Jeremy Clyde – The Emancipation of Mr. X (The Ark, Columbia, 1968)
  10. Chad Stuart – Jeremy Clyde – The Ark (The Ark, Columbia, 1968)
  11. Chad & Jeremy ‎– Zanzibar Sunset (Chad & Jeremy 2006, Electric Paintbox, 2006)
  12. Jeremy Clyde – That Will Be That (The Bottom Drawer Sessions No 1, Electric Paintbox, 2014)
  13. Jeremy Clyde – Can’t Keep Up With My Dreams Anymore (The Bottom Drawer Sessions No 2, Electric Paintbox, 2016)
  14. Jeremy Clyde – I’ve Saved All Your Letters (The Bottom Drawer Sessions No 2, Electric Paintbox, 2016)
  15. Chad Stewart & Jeremy Clyde – Like I Love You Today (Single A-side, Ember, 1964)

Journey back to 1960s with the fantastic music of Jeremy Clyde. Yesterday’s Gone: The Complete Ember & World Artists Recordings of Chad and Jeremy is also available.

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  1. 1Sara McLain

    This podcast with Jeremy really filled up my heart. He and Chad carried me through the bumpy years of high school in the 60s, with their quiet, soulful singing. Then I lost them for about 40 years and only found them again about a month ago, quite by accident on youtube. It’s been like falling into a huge vat of wonderfulness, hearing all their new music. That Zanzibar Sunset just won’t let me go. And the story of how ‘That Will Be That’ came to be completed when Jeremy visited the sickbed of his lyricist partner is just a magical story. My God, it really is true–all great music is born of longing and suffering and letting go. Thank you for this podcast.

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