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To coincide with the forthcoming release of Jeff Christie’s excellent new single For All Mankind due out on on 21 January 2015; Jeff, one of the best British songwriters of his generation, joins Strange Brew host Jason Barnard to talk about his career in The Outer Limits and Christie.

Jason Barnard and Jeff Christie

  1. Elton John – Yellow River (Chartbusters Go Pop! 20 Legendary Covers, Madacy, 1996 rec 1970)
  2. The Hondells – Just One More Chance (Single A-side, Columbia US, 1967)
  3. The Outer Limits – Sweet Freedom (Single B-side to Great Train Robbery, Instant, 1968)
  4. The Searchers – Great Train Robbery (Unreleased – IBC demo, rec 1968)
  5. The Outer Limits – Mr Magee’s, Incredible Banjo Band (Outer Limits/Floored Masters Past Imperfect, Angel Air 2008 rec 1968)
  6. Jeff Christie – Thru The Looking Glass (Unreleased, rec c1968)
  7. REM – Yellow River (Single B-side to All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star), Warner Bros, 2001)
  8. Satanic Surfers – San Bernadino (Concrete Cell/Satanic Surfers, Genet, 1997)
  9. Christie – Picture Painter (For All Mankind, CBS, 1971)
  10. Christie – If Only (For All Mankind, CBS, 1971)
  11. Christie – Iron Horse (Single A-side, CBS, 1972)
  12. Christie – Heaven Knows (No Turn Unstoned, Angel Air 2012, rec c1976/77)
  13. Jeff Christie – Turning To Stone (Outer Limits/Floored Masters Past Imperfect, Angel Air 2008, rec 1975)
  14. Jeff Christie – Turn On Your Lovelight (Single B-side to Both Ends Of The Rainbow, RK Records, 1980)
  15. Christie – Tonight (No Turn Unstoned, Angel Air 2012, rec 1975)
  16. Jeff Christie and the Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band – For All Mankind (Single, Academy Recordings, 2015)

For more information check out the official site for Jeff Christie:

Featuring cover versions of Jeff’s best songs, unreleased material, choice picks and hits; listen to a bumper show with the acclaimed hit maker.

3 Comments for “Jeff Christie”

  1. 1Alicia Bravo de Lakich

    I am very happy to hear the interview with Jeff Christie and his music. In my country (Argentina) we have not forgotten him. Very good interview and if anyone can tell Jeff that his song “If Only” is one of the best I’ve heard in my life I would be very grateful.
    With love from Argentina a big hug to all. Alicia.

  2. 2Rainer

    Jeff Christie is one of the finest composers and songwriters in Europe .It is always a pleasure to see him and his fantastic band live on stage .Hope there will be several gigs in 2015 (hopefully in Germany,too)The new For all Mankind version is great

  3. 3Gabriela Jandette

    Hi Jeff, I saw the interview you did in “The Strange Brew” and I listen the song For All Mankind. I personally believe that is an excellent music and voice arrangement. I also listen the interview at the minute 50:05 and i find beautiful the way you mention the word Mexico. Congratulations, i wish success to the best songwriter in UK
    Excelent job!!!

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