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Saturday, 18 June 2016, 10:00 | Category : Podcasts
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One of our greatest songwriters, Gilbert O’Sullivan, talks about key tracks from his new album The Essential Collection plus we hear choice rarities and cover versions.

Gilbert O'Sullivan

  1. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Houdini Said (Himself, MAM, 1971)
  2. The Tremeloes ‎– You (Here Come The Tremeloes, CBS, 1967)
  3. Paul Jones – My Advice To You (Single A-side, Columbia Sweden, 1968)
  4. Gilbert – Mr Moody’s Garden (Single B-side to I Wish I Could Cry, Columbia, 1971)
  5. I Profeti ‎– Era Bella (Single A-side, CBS Italy, 1971)
  6. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally) (Single A-side, MAM, 1971)
  7. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Matrimony (Single A-side, MAM, 1971)
  8. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Clair (Single A-side, MAM, 1972)
  9. Gilbert O’Sullivan – The Golden Rule (Back To Front, MAM, 1972)
  10. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Get Down (Single A-side, MAM, 1973)
  11. Gilbert O’Sullivan ‎– Miss My Love Today (Single A-side, MAM, 1978)
  12. Gilbert O’Sullivan – Lost A Friend (Single A-side, Dover, 1989)
  13. Gilbert O’Sullivan ‎– Answers On A Postcard (Please) (Piano Foreplay, EMI, 2003)
  14. Gilbert O’Sullivan ‎– End-vironmental Piece (Caricature: The Box, Rhino Hand Made, 2004)
  15. Rumer – We Will (Boys Don’t Cry, Atlantic, 2012)
  16. Gilbert O’Sullivan – I Guess I’ll Always Love You (The Essential Collection, Union Square, 2016)

Listen to our national treasure in an extensive interview, from Gilbert’s early years to his current album climbing the UK Top 20. 

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  1. 1terry

    Iv always been a gilbert fan the essential collection is fantastic the last 2 singles no way and I guess Il always love you if you had to physically go to a record shop and buy them they would have been top 10 hits iv seem him in concert as well he’s brilliant

  2. 2Christine O'Hare

    I have always and always will be a fan of Gilbert’s, I’ve seen him in concert hundreds of times over the years and been lucky enough to meet him many times. I have met most of his family too and they are always very welcoming and friendly, no other star comes near to him in being a very nice person.

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