Fuchsia – Melancholy Road

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One of those most successful artistic comebacks of recent years has been Fuchsia, reactivated after a forty year gap.

This groundbreaking orchestral progressive folk hybrid released what must be one of most most long awaited album follow-ups in ‘From Psychedelia To A Distant Place’, retaining the essence of what made them such a special group but gaining a new vitality for the modern era.


Tony and friends have just completed this video for one of the album highlights, ‘Melancholy Road’.

[tubepress video=SjwXw5YTOmk]

If you want to find out more, check out The Strange Brew’s podcast with Tony  as well as Jason Barnard’s career spanning interview.

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    I didn’t knom them ! thanks , I like !!!

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    euh ! know 😉

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