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Fading Yellow is a legendary pop-sike compilation series. It’s creator Jörgen Johansson has picked his favourite British tracks from across the Fading Yellow collection.

Get ready for a timeless hour of gentle baroque-sike tinged pop.

  1. Mike Batt – Fading Yellow – (Single B-side to Mr Poem, Liberty, 1968)
  2. Kate – Strange Girl (Single A-side, CBS, 1968) (Fading Yellow Vol 1)
  3. Orange Bicycle – Competition (Let’s Take a Trip on…, Morgan Bluetown, 1988 rec c1968) (Fading Yellow Vol 1)
  4. Bliss – Lifetime (Single B-side to Court Yards in Castille, Chapter One, 1969) (Fading Yellow Vol 1)
  5. Sundragon – Far Away Mountain (Single B-side to Blueberry Blue, MGM, 1968) (Fading Yellow Vol 1)
  6. Thoughts and Words – Morning Sky (Morning Sky, Single A-side, Liberty, 1969) (Fading Yellow Vol 4)
  7. Gracious – Once Upon a Windy Day (Single A-side, Vertigo, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 5)
  8. Richard Barnes – High Flyin’ Electric Bird (Richard Barnes, Phillips, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 5)
  9. Abel Fletcher – Esmeralda (Single A-side, Concord, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 5)
  10. Maxwell and Nicholson – Trees and Things (Single A-side, Columbia, 1971) (Fading Yellow Vol 5)
  11. Vigrass and Osborne – Forever Autumn (Single A-side, MCA Japan, 1971) (Fading Yellow Vol 5)
  12. Jumbo – Promises (Single A-side, CBS, 1972) (Fading Yellow Vol 9)
  13. Rodney Bewes – Dear Mother Love Albert (Single A-side, Revolution Pop, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 9)
  14. Timon – And Now She Says She Is Young (Single A-side, Threshold, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 9)
  15. Dave Berry – Chaplin House (Single A-side, Decca, 1970) (Fading Yellow Vol 12)
More information on Fading Yellow - including a new vinyl only release - is available at http://fadingyellow.tumblr.com/

3 Comments for “Fading Yellow”

  1. 1paul braun

    nice one jj thanks from ireland

  2. 2Jörgen Johansson

    An honour to be included on your show Jason.

  3. 3Barry Gutman

    The Fading Yellow series has greatly enriched my musical world since Bill Forsyth of the late, great Minus Zero shoppe in London turned me on to the first volume about a decade ago. Cheers from Philly to Bill, and, of course, to JJ! Keep ’em comin’!

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