Eric Stewart Part 2

Sunday, 17 September 2017, 13:07 | Category : Podcasts
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To tie in with the release of Eric Stewart’s autobiography ‘The Things I Do For Love’ and the Eric Stewart Anthology, Eric talks to Jason Barnard in the final part of two podcasts covering his remarkable career.

Eric Stewart, 10cc

  1. Eric Stewart – The Ritual (Parts 1 – 3) (Frooty Rooties, Mercury, 1982)
  2. 10cc – I’m Mandy Fly Me (Single A-side, Mercury, 1976)
  3. 10cc – The Things We Do For Love (Single A-side, Mercury, 1976)
  4. 10cc – Dreadlock Holiday (Single A-side, Mercury, 1978)
  5. Eric Stewart – Girls (Girls, Polydor, 1980)
  6. 10cc – Les Nouveaux Riches (Ten Out Of 10, Mercury, 1981)
  7. Paul McCartney – Tug Of War (Tug Of War, Parlophone, 1982)
  8. Paul McCartney – Footprints (Press To Play, Parlophone, 1986)
  9. 10cc – Yvonne’s The One (Mirror Mirror, Avex UK, 1995)
  10. Eric Stewart – More And More Each Day (Do Not Bend, Strawberry Soundtracks, 2003)
  11. Eric Stewart – We’re Not Alone (Viva La Difference, Strawberry Soundtracks, 2009)

Part 2 takes us from the second chapter of 10cc, Eric’s work with Paul McCartney and his solo years.

4 Comments for “Eric Stewart Part 2”

  1. 1Doris Gonzalez

    Jason, thank you very much again. I’m very pleased listening not only Eric’s music but his voice and what’s behind his songs.

  2. 2Steve Jamieson

    Jason, thanks for doing this. Eric seems like a really nice fella and its obvious he enjoyed answering your questions.

  3. 3Paul Power

    It’s Saturday Dec/2nd/2017 and I’m so glad to be listening to Eric Stewart part 2. Then I’ll listen to your Joey Molland, of BADFINGER interview. What fun and am drawing a comic book story as the interview plays on. Ah, life is good.

  4. 4Virginia Bravo

    It’s so good to hear Eric’s voice again after so many years. He always seems very excited when talking about his music. May God bless him and keep his interest and brightness alive.

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