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Sunday, 20 November 2016, 12:16 | Category : Podcasts
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Derv Gordon, lead singer and songwriter from The Equals, joins Strange Brew host Jason Barnard, to talk about and spin tracks that shaped his career.


The Equals: Lincoln Gordon, John Hall, Derv Gordon (centre), Pat Lloyd and Eddy Grant 

  1. The Equals – I Won’t Be There (Single A-side, President, 1966)
  2. The Four Gees – Rough Rider (Single A-side, President, 1967)
  3. The Equals – Baby Come Back (Single A-side, President,1967)
  4. The Equals ‎– Police On My Back (Single A-side, President – Germany, 1967)
  5. The Equals ‎– Viva Bobby Joe (Single A-side, President, 1969)
  6. The Equals ‎– I Get So Excited (Single A-side, President, 1968)
  7. The Equals ‎– Softly, Softly (Single A-side, President, 1968)
  8. The Equals ‎– Rub A Dub Dub (Single A-side, President, 1969)
  9. The Equals ‎– A Room of Doom (Strike Again, President, 1969)
  10. The Equals ‎– Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys (Single A-side, President, 1970)
  11. The Equals ‎– Stand Up And Be Counted (Single A-side, CBS, 1972)
  12. The Equals ‎– She Lives For Today (Single B-side to Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes, President, 1974)
  13. The Equals – Funky Like A Train (Single A-side, Mercury, 1976)
  14. The Equals ‎– Nobody’s Got Time (Mystic Syster, Ice, 1978)
  15. His Name Is Alive – Teardrops (Last Night, 4AD, 2002)
  16. The Equals – Bad Boy (The Equals, Laserlight, 1990)

The Equals are one of the great bands of the 1960s and 1970s whose music continues to be influential today. Hear the stories behind the group, their greatest hits and fan favourites.

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