Classic Unreleased Songs from the Sixties and Seventies

Thursday, 26 August 2010, 20:20 | Category : Unreleased
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What are the finest songs that never got released during the greatest era of British rock and pop?

The Strange Brew Podcast have scoured the music vaults to bring you songs that were not released at the time of their making. A special thanks goes to Jeff Christie and Beau (Trevor Midgley) for three exclusive classic tracks that have never been released.

  1. Led Zeppelin – Baby Come on Home (Led Zeppelin Box Set, Vol. 2, Atlantic, 1993 rec 1968)
  2. Jeff Christie – Magic Rocking Horse (Exclusive – Unreleased rec c1969)
  3. July – Look At Her (The Second of July, Essex, 1995 rec 1967)
  4. The Kinks – Rosemary Rose (The Great Lost Kinks Album, Reprise, 1973 rec c1967)
  5. The Action – Something To Say (Dig The Fuzz, 1998 c1967/68)
  6. The Iveys – Black And White Rainbows (An Apple A Day; More Pop-Psych Sounds from the Apple Era, 2006 rec 1968)
  7. John Pantry – Smokey Wood Air (The Upside Down World of John Pantry, 2009 rec 1968)
  8. The Who – Melancholia (Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B, Polydor, 1968 rec 1994)
  9. David Bowie – London Bye Ta Ta (Space Oddity (Space Oddity 40th Anniversary Edition), 2009 rec 1968/69)
  10. Cliff Wade – Sandy (The Pop-Sike World of Cliff Wade, 2001 rec 1969)
  11. Bill Fay- Unreleased Acetate (Fading Yellow Volume 9: The Other Side Of Life”, Flower Machine Records, 2007 rec late Sixties)
  12. Beau – In The Court of Conscience (Exclusive – Unreleased rec 1979)
  13. Jeff Christie – When I Was Young (Exclusive – Unreleased rec c1973-5)
  14. George Harrison – I Live for You (All Things Must Pass reissue, 2001 rec 1970/2001)
  15. The Rolling Stones – Following the River (Exile on Main Street (Deluxe Edition), Polydor, 2010 rec 1971/72/2010)

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  1. 1John Murphy

    Unreleased but not forgotten. Another cracking set and most dribbled past my recollection and into the net. 12-3 to you! Cheers

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