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In July 1966 the first ever rock festival in Britain was being held. The sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival at Windsor marked a big change and was the precursor of the Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, Monterey and Woodstock. Its line up in that year moved from being blues and jazz to bands like The Who, the Small Faces and the Yardbirds featuring Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. Not to mention the first unveiling of a trio with as yet no name comprising Eric, Ginger and Jack. 


Now, five decades later, homage is being paid. A special anniversary concert – On Track For Summer – is being held at the same venue, the Royal Windsor Racecourse, over the weekend of July 23 and July 24.

On the first day, Donovan, headlines the 50th Anniversary of the seminal 1966 National Jazz and Blues Festival – leading a cast of sixties originals, the people who made it all happen. The line-up also includes, The Manfreds, Chris Farlowe, PP Arnold, Cliff Bennett, Davy O’List of The Nice (with a tribute to his late band mate Keith Emerson) plus The Move featuring Trevor Burton and Bev Bevan.

Sixth National Jazz and Blues Festival, 1966, Windsor

Molly Marriott, the daughter of Small Faces’ front man Steve who appeared at Windsor ‘66, is there to honour her late father while one of today’s best blues singers, Beth Rowley, will play a special Christine Perfect/Fleetwood Mac influenced set to mark the day.

Tickets will be available shortly from www.ontrackforsummer.co.uk

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