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Wednesday, 4 January 2017, 20:41 | Category : Podcasts
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Bob Young, Status Quo’s unofficial fifth member, talks about the re-release of his album In Quo Country and the classic tracks he wrote with the band.

Bob Young

  1. Bob Young ‎– Down Down (Back In Quo Country: Expanded Edition, Hear No Evil, 2017 orig. release 1986)
  2. Status Quo – The Price of Love (Single A-side, Pye, 1969)
  3. Status Quo – Antique Angelique (Spare Parts, Pye, 1969)
  4. Status Quo ‎– Shy Fly (Ma Kelly’s Greasy Spoon, Pye, 1970)
  5. Status Quo ‎– In My Chair (Single A-side, Pye, 1970)
  6. Status Quo ‎– Gerdundula (Single B-side to In My Chair, Pye, 1970)
  7. Status Quo ‎– Mean Girl (Dog of Two Head, Pye, 1971)
  8. Status Quo‎ – Paper Plane (Single A-side, Vertigo, 1972)
  9. Status Quo‎ – Mystery Song (Blue For You, Vertigo, 1976)
  10. Status Quo ‎– Living On An Island (Whatever You Want Deluxe Edition, Vertigo, 2016 orig. release 1979)
  11. The Young & Moody Band ‎– Don’t Do That (Single A-side, Bronze, 1980)
  12. Status Quo ‎– All Stand Up (Never Say Never) (Heavy Traffic, Universal, 2002)
  13. Bob Young ‎– Caroline (Back In Quo Country: Expanded Edition, Hear No Evil, 2017 orig. release 1986)

Recorded before Rick Parfitt’s sad passing, Bob talks about his 50 year connection with Status Quo and wide range of solo projects.

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  1. 1Paul Skyrme

    A brilliant interview and interesting insight into the relationship with Bob and Quo. I bought the original In Quo’s Country album and will be purchasing the reissue. Thanks Bob 🙂


    A brilliant and informative interview . Bob comes across as a real gentleman and a very down to earth person . I have purchased the ‘Back In Quo Country ‘ cd which is definitely a great album . 10/10 all round ??

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