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To celebrate the release Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band’s ‘The Red Day Album’ and Orgone Box’s ‘Centaur’, records that wear the Beatles influence on their sleeve but emerge special in their own right, The Strange Brew presents its favourite Beatlesque Beatleisms.

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  1. The Knickerbockers – Lies (Single A-side, Challenge (US), 1965)
  2. Apostrophe  ‎– Sad And Blue (Single A-side, Bellaphon (Ger), 1979)
  3. Julian Lennon – I Don’t Wanna Know (Photograph Smile, Pinnacle, 1998)
  4. Jade – Rest of My Life (Faces of Jade, General American Records (US), 1970)
  5. Rockin’ Horse – Oh Carol (Yes It Is, Philips, 1971)
  6. Klaatu – Sub-Rosa Subway (Single B-side to Calling Occupants, Daffodil, 1976)
  7. Thomas Edisun’s Electric Light Bulb Band – I’m Here / Red Day (The Red Day Album, Gear Fab, 2014 rec 1967)
  8. The Fut – Have You Heard The Word (Single A-side, Beacon,1970)
  9. The Aerovons – Hey Georgia (Single B-side to World Of You, Parlophone, 1969)
  10. Badfinger – Believe Me (No Dice, Apple, 1970)
  11. Tom Hartman ‎– A Little More (Single B-side to Sunshine Woman, Bell (US), 1971)
  12. Hudson Brothers – So You Are A Star (Single A-side, Casablanca (US), 1974)
  13. Emmit Rhodes – She’s Such A Beauty (Emmit Rhodes, Dunhill (US), 1970)
  14. Fresh Air – It Takes Too Long (Single A-side, Philips, 1972)
  15. We All Together – Everyday (Single A-side, MaG (Peru),1973/74)
  16. Liverpool Express – Take It Easy With My Heart (LEX, Warner Brothers, 1979)
  17. Richard Orange – Don’t Hold Back (Lancelot’s Theme) (Unreleased, Strange Brew exclusive, rec 1972/73)
  18. Orgone Box – Find The One (Centaur, Active Listener, 2014)
  19. The Rutles – Shangri-la (Shangri-la EP, Virgin Records America, 1996)

Listen to The Beatles influence tracked through the minds of other artists including a very special airing of Richard Orange’s fantastic unreleased track ‘Don’t Hold Back (Lancelot’s Theme)’.

4 Comments for “Beatlesque Beatleisms”

  1. 1bob chudley

    Try the Roulettes “Soon you’ll be Leaving Me”
    (Adam Faith’s backing Band)

  2. 2Phil Wood

    I recommend Kontiki by Cotton Mather from the mid 90’s very much in the Beatly vein (Revolver era) nevertheless a great album in its own write

  3. 3Chuck Yoakum

    Check out songs by Atlanta based power pop group, The Raves. Tracks span the 70s to early 80s and fit your website perfectly.

  4. 4Ryan Nelson

    Anybody seeing Beatlesque in Raleigh- they’re playing soon down here at the Pour House:

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