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By Nick Warburton

Barney J Barnes & The Intro came from the Hounslow area of West London and produced a great northern soul/mod single for Decca in September 1967 entitled “It Must Be Love” c/w “Can’t Stand The Pain”.

[tubepress video=”NG5zBNtM8cs”]

Barney J Barnes sadly died in December 1999 but the whereabouts of his former band members is unknown. The Strange Brew Podcast would be interested to hear from anyone to update the article which can be found here:

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  1. 1Richard Walker

    I played guitar with Intro fro ’69 – ’76.

    I’ve tried to send more information, but can’t get it past your CAPTCHA system.

    Email me for more info about the band and the players!


    Richard Walker

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