Apple Core

There’s a great new cd out featuring the best of Apple Records. However, the label features so much more. The Strange Brew Podcast delves deep into the Apple Core.

From publishing demo’s, out-takes, rarities, Beatle classics to the world premiere of Sidewalk Society’s brilliant cover of rare Apple gem “In The First Place”!

  1. Badfinger – Apple of My Eye (Single A-side, Apple, 1973)
  2. Focal Point – Far Away From Forever (First Bite of the Apple, Kissing Spell, 2007 rec 1967-68)
  3. Grapefruit – Dear Delilah (Single A-side, RCA Victor, 1968)
  4. The Beatles – Hey Jude (Take 2, Anthology 3, Apple,1996 rec 1968)
  5. Jackie Lomax – The Eagle Laughs At You (Single B-side to Sour Milk Sea, Apple, 1968)
  6. The U (Don’t) Know No Who – An Apple A Day (An Apple A Day: More Pop-Pysch Sounds From The Apple Era, 2006 rec 1968)
  7. Timon – Now She Says She’s Young (Lovers From The Sky: Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1968-1971, RPM, 2010 rec 1968)
  8. Trash – Road to Nowhere (Single A-side, Apple, 1969)
  9. The Iveys – Dear Angie (Single A-side, Apple, 1969)
  10. John Lennon – Instant Karma (Single A-side, Apple, 1970)
  11. Ringo Starr – It Don’t Come Easy (Single A-side, Apple, 1971)
  12. Mary Hopkin – Ocean Song (Earth Song, Ocean Song, Apple, 1971)
  13. George Harrison – Apple Scruffs (Single B-side to What Is Life, Apple, 1971)
  14. Splinter – Lonely Man/Another Chance I Let Go (Harder To Live, Dark Horse, 1975)
  15. Sidewalk Society – In The First Place (Sidewalk Society EP, Fruits de Mer, 2010)

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  1. 1John Murphy

    Cracking collection….keep eating the apples!

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