Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There proved to be great inspiration for British songwriters and rock artists in the late sixties and early seventies. The Strange Brew Podcast explores the greatest examples of this special genre.

The Strange Brew is bored sitting on the riverbank when he notices a talking, clothed  White Rabbit with a watch run past. He follows it down a rabbit hole when suddenly he falls a long way to a curious hall with many locked doors of all sizes. He finds a small key to a door too small for her to fit, but through which he sees an beautiful garden. He then discovers a bottle labelled “Drink Me”, the contents of which cause him to shrink too small to reach the key. A cake with “Listen To Me” on it causes him to hear a psychedelic journey lasting over an hour featuring some of the finest rock and pop records ever recorded.

  1. The Fourmyula – Alice Is There (Single A-side, HMV (NZ), 1968)
  2. The Beatles – I Am The Walrus (Love – Special Edition, Apple, 2006 rec 1967)
  3. Peter and the Wolves – Little Girl Lost and Found (Single A-side, MGM, 1967)
  4. The Bunch – Looking Glass Alice (Single B-side to Spare a Shilling, CBS, 1967)
  5. The Dave Heenan Set – Alice in Wonderland (Single A-side, Epic (US), 1967)
  6. Rupert’s People – A Prologue To a Magic World (Single A-side, Columbia, 1967)
  7. The Incredible String Band – Alice Is A Long Time Gone (The Chelsea Sessions 1967, 1997, Pig’s Whisker rec 1967)
  8. Jeff Christie – Thru The Looking Glass (Exclusive – Unreleased rec c1969)
  9. Boeing Duveen and the Beautiful Soup – Jabberwock (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1968)
  10. Pink Floyd – Country Song (Zabriskie Point, MGM, 1997 re-release rec 1969)
  11. Peter Howell and John Ferdinando – A Sitting on a Gate (Alice Through The Looking Glass, SNP, 1969)
  12. Tim Hollier – And Where Were You That Morning Mr. Carroll (Message To A Harlequin, United Artists, 1968)
  13. Micky Jones and Tommy Brown – Alice (Single B-side to If I Could Be Sure, Philips (France), 1970)
  14. Donovan – Jabberwocky (HMS Donovan, Dawn, 1971)
  15. Andy Roberts – All Around My Grandmothers Floor (Urban Cowboy, Elektra, 1973)
  16. Mark Fry – Dreaming With Alice (Single A-side, Fruits de Mer, 2009 orig. rec 1972)

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