The Otherside

Rock musicians had their own unique views on god, the afterlife, religion and theology in the classic rock era. Parchment – Dobbies Song (Hollywood Sunset, Pye, 1973) The Joystrings – No Time To Lose (Well Seasoned, Regal Zonophone, 1966) Nirvana – Pentecost Hotel (The Story Of Simon Simopath, Island, 1967) Felius Andromeda – Meditations (Single […]

The Electric Stars

Friday, 20 January 2012, 20:08 | Category : Reviews
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New Manchester band The Electric Stars came to my attention after hearing their new double A-side single “I Want You” and “Stoned Again” out next month on Detour Records. Their influences will be familiar to Strange Brew fans – The Stones, Faces, Bowie, and Beatles and much more. The music scene at the moment badly […]

The Mind Garage – “A Total Electric Happening”

Sunday, 15 January 2012, 16:53 | Category : Interview
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The Strange Brew ventures across the Atlantic to hear the remarkable story of The Mind Garage. George Cannon reveals all about the group who turned down a request to play Woodstock, recorded “Asphalt Mother”, one of the best garage/psych records ever recorded, and how its release would mark the beginning of one the most fascinating and […]

King Mob – Va Va Voom

Thursday, 12 January 2012, 20:37 | Category : Chris Spedding
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The Strange Brew’s favourite new band, King Mob, a super group featuring Chris Spedding, are releasing their second single ‘Va Vah Voom’ . [tubepress video=”39nNa3uJKrw”] Following the Strange Brew’s lead, the band have received rave reviews for their album Force 9 and 2011 gigs: Chris Spedding interview at the Strange Brew The Strange Brew’s review of […]