Beau – Rattle The Asylum Bars

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(Cherry Red BEAURTAB1)

Forty-nine years – almost to the day – after the 1969 sessions for John Peel’s Dandelion Records which resulted in his eponymous first LP, Beau’s brand new 2018 collection from Cherry Red Records – “Rattle The Asylum Bars” – will be available from Friday, 20th April.

“Rattle The Asylum Bars” is his ninth album release for the Cherry Red label.

Beau continues to mine dense thickets of erudite imagery set against his eternally chiming 12-string. Amongst the topics are; the tragic events at Charlie Hebdo in 2015, modern-day radicalising, prohibition America, the shifting politics of lottery winners and more. It’s a record that will continue Beau’s ascent on the folk charts across the globe.

The album will be available from download sites around the world (including of course iTunes and the Amazons), and will also stream on Spotify, Deezer and all other popular streaming services.

Cherry Red’s official promo video for the album, “The Rose”, is playing now on their YouTube channel.


Jack Hayter – Abbey Wood

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Review by Jason Barnard

Jack Hayter’s new album presents a series of stories linked to now derelict children’s home in London’s Abbey Wood.

Abbey Wood

Abbey Wood showcases a range of folk styles with contemporary lyrics – ‘The Mullberry Tree’ recalls Bert Jansch whilst ‘Fanny Hill’ brings in Jansch to a medieval sound.

The spoken word-choral ‘But I Don’t About About Frankie’ stuns with tale of death of a boy ‘frozen solid’, a darker stripped take on Pulp’s masterpiece ‘Wickerman’. ‘At Crossness Near Pumping Station’ brings in both approaches to this sound, with lyrics highlighting disgust in the urban darkness.

Abbey Wood is a record that works as one piece of art – a series of linked stories in the urban London landscape. Jack finds beauty in the darkness. Remarkable.

The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards

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Review by Jason Barnard

Lisbon’s Beautify Junkyards third album ‘The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards’ continues to mine their unique path of pastoral acid-folk and shimmering electronica.

Much of this material is stunningly gorgeous – Rita Vian’s vocals on ‘Sybil’s Dream’ tied to a perfect shimmering backing is one such wonder.


Tracks like lead single ‘Aquarius’ and ‘Manha Tropical’ expand this palette with a more latin approach whilst retaining an otherworldly-ness .

The production and range of instruments is very adventurous recalling Mike Oldfield, typified by ‘Golden Apples of the Sun’ and ‘Shelter’.

With the second half containing such jewels as ‘Claridade’ and ‘Sorceress’ matching the standard set earlier by ‘Sybil’s Dream’, The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards will an album that will live long in the hearts of the listener.

Available on LP, CD, & DL on Ghostbox on 9th March 2018.

Colin Moulding – XTC – TC&I – Part 2

Sunday, 4 February 2018, 19:56 | Category : Podcasts
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The second half of a career spanning interview with Colin Moulding, former bassist/singer/ songwriter for XTC. Colin continues to speak about his favourite tracks, including new EP ‘Great Aspirations’.Colin Moulding

  1. XTC – King For A Day (Oranges & Lemons, Virgin, 1989)
  2. XTC – Cynical Days (Oranges & Lemons, Virgin, 1989)
  3. XTC – Bungalow (Nonsuch, Virgin, 1992)
  4. XTC – War Dance (Nonsuch, Virgin, 1992)
  5. XTC – Frivolous Tonight (Apple Venus Volume 1, Cooking Vinyl, 1999)
  6. XTC – Say It (Apple Box, Idea Records, 2006)
  7. XTC – Where Did The Ordinary People Go? (Download release, 2005)
  8. Days Between Stations (feat. Colin Moulding) – The Man Who Died Two Times (In Extremis, Days Between Stations, 2013)
  9. Billy Sherwood (feat. Colin Moulding) – Just Galileo And Me (Citizen, Frontiers Records, 2015)
  10. TC&I – Greatness (The Aspiration Song) (Great Aspirations EP, TC&I Music, 2017)
  11. TC&I – Scatter Me (Great Aspirations EP, TC&I Music, 2017)

Our final show takes us from Oranges and Lemons, the final years of XTC, Colin collaborations with Billy Sherwood and two new tracks made with ex-bandmate Terry Chambers as TC&I .

The TC&I EP can be purchased from PledgeMusic and Burning Shed.

Colin Moulding – XTC – TC&I – Part 1

Wednesday, 31 January 2018, 11:32 | Category : Podcasts
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Colin Moulding, former bassist/singer/songwriter for XTC, speaks about his favourite tracks, including new EP ‘Great Aspirations’.


  1. TC&I – Kenny (Great Aspirations EP, TC&I Music, 2017)
  2. TC&I – Comrades In Pop (Great Aspirations EP, TC&I Music, 2017)
  3. XTC – Life Begins At The Hop (Single A-side, Virgin, 1979)
  4. XTC – Making Plans For Nigel (Drums and Wires, Virgin, 1979)
  5. XTC – Generals and Majors (Black Sea, Virgin, 1980)
  6. XTC – I Remember The Sun (The Big Express, Virgin, 1984)
  7. The Dukes of Stratosphear – Vanishing Girl (Psonic Psunspot, Virgin, 1987)
  8. XTC – Big Day (Skylarking, Virgin, 1986)
  9. XTC – Grass (Skylarking, Virgin, 1986)
  10. XTC – The Meeting Place (Skylarking, Virgin, 1986)
  11. XTC – Sacrificial Bonfire (Skylarking, Virgin, 1986)

The first half of this podcast interview takes us from two new tracks made with ex-bandmate Terry Chambers as TC&I, his first penned single and concludes with the Skylarking/Dukes years.

The TC&I EP can be purchased from PledgeMusic and Burning Shed. Join us soon for part two – the Orange and Lemons era onwards.

Tyler Warren – Queen Extravaganza

Saturday, 27 January 2018, 15:10 | Category : Interview
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‘Queen Extravaganza’ the official Queen tribute band created by Roger Taylor and Brian May, return later this year for another hit tour. The band will play 17 shows across the UK from October 2018, starting in Edinburgh with the grand finale in London on November 22. 

Tyler Warren

Jason Barnard speaks to the band’s drummer and ever present member, Tyler Warren to hear more: