Martin Newell – Welcome To Bohemia

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For those in the know, Martin Newell is one of the great English songwriters. He has produced records under a number of guises, most notably through The Cleaners From Venus. Their first burst of releases began in the early 1980s and had just a small cult following mainly due to Martin’s DIY approach and refusal to engage with the music industry.

However the world has finally caught up to his records in the internet age and the quality of Martin’s songs is now indisputable. The past few years have seen a big re-release campaign of his work with The Cleaners, solo records as well as an excellent new album out under The Cleaners From Venus moniker.

Martin NewellMartin speaks to Jason Barnard about the 60s pop that shaped his teen years and the unique career he’s forged; from mid-70s glam, surviving the 80s, 90s success and current renewal.

The Way of Life

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By Nick Warburton

This historically important Birmingham band is best known for featuring future Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and bass player Dave Pegg, who went onto Fairport Convention among others. The Way of Life also featured musicians that went on to Midlands outfits like The Lemon Tree, The Idle Race, The World of Oz, Locomotive, Cathedral and Quartz.

John Bonham

John Bonham (photo from

In related news:

Former The Way of Life member Alan James Eastwood’s recordings in The Exception; plus solo acid folk album Seeds are being released by Cherry Red Records on 27 October:

The Exception:


The Movements

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Interview by Jason Barnard

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, The Movements have been around for over a decade. However their two latest albums, collected as Like Elephants 1 and 2, has recently seen them break on the international rock scene with their 60s infused sound. What’s particularly surprising is how such a fantastic release hasn’t seen them conquer stadiums as yet. These 20 tracks are as exciting as any group are currently producing at the moment. They’re that good.


The Movements (photo by Anders Bergstedt)

Of course I had to find out more by speaking to their drummer Thomas Widholm:

Paul Roland – Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox

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Review by Jason Barnard

Sireena Records

A few years back Paul Roland released ‘In Memoriam 1980-2010′ a superb collection highlighting the range of great tracks Paul has produced over 30 years. In his latest release ‘Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox’ Paul has revisited his back catalogue again but this time through a previously unreleased session recorded last year. Like the best sessions and live material these recordings retain the spark that made them so fondly regarded but they are arranged or played differently (sometimes subtlety) so you can listen with fresh ears.

paul roland

As with all of Paul’s material there’s a distinctly gothic edge to these new versions: from (one of my favourites) 2007’s rock edged ‘Re-animator’ to 1989’s acoustic macabre fan-favourite ‘Nosferatu’. Special mentions must go to ‘Aleister Crowley’ (originally on 1997’s ‘Gargoyles’ album) which as infectious a track as it was almost 20 years ago; and a rougher take on ‘The Puppet Master’ from the previous decade’s ‘Burnt Orchids’ long player.

There’s also an extra 9 tracks of outtakes, remixes and rarities, expanding the set considerably. One gem is his excellent version of  The Kinks ‘I’m Not Like Everyone Else’, starting baroquely and cutting loose with fiddle. The track is particularly apt for Paul’s ghoulish tales giving the lyric new meaning. Whilst there’s plenty of Roland originals in these curios, equally as good as the earlier 10 session tracks, I must finish mentioning Paul’s version of Joy Division’s ‘Day of the Lords’. It’s an outstanding gothic remake of this seminal number.

So if you like Paul Roland you’ll love this release, and if you haven’t heard Paul’s work ‘Professor Moriarty’s Jukebox’ it’s another great place to start:

Hamilton and The Hamilton Movement 1965-1966

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By Nick Warburton

Originally known as simply The Hamilton Movement, the band was formed around the St John’s Wood/Chalk Farm area of north London in 1962 and initially didn’t have a name.

The Hamilton Movement 1965

The Hamilton Movement, 1965, from left to right: Chris Palmer, Gary Hamilton, Peter-Vernon Kell and Fed Tilberis (below) (photo used with kind permission of Chris Palmer) 

Fronted by lead singer Gary Laub (later becoming Gary Hamilton), the original line up also comprised bass player Chris Palmer, rhythm guitarist Ian Hunt and a lead guitarist called Graham. The original formation was joined soon after by drummer Fedon Tilberis:

The Wicked Whispers – Maps of the Mystic

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Review by Jason Barnard

Electone Records

Liverpool’s The Wicked Whispers stake their claim to be hottest band in Britain with their new release. They’ve been tantalizing listeners over the past over three years and their debut long player is well worth the wait. There’s something effortlessly cool about the group however they have the songs and the sound to match.

Maps of the Mystic

Long player, Maps of the Mystic’s opener ‘Chronological Astronaut’ emphasizes mod soul grooves and is a great scene setter for the album themes of love and (unpretentiously) the meaning of life. Pigeon holing their sound is tricky – certainly Arthur Lee’s Love are in the mix, maybe throw in a dash of the La’s, jot of Byrds country and sprinkling of northern soul.

Mike Murphy’s songwriting is particularly strong  – from the lilting melodies of ‘Flying ’round in Circles’ to ballad ‘I’d Follow You Anywhere’ that, if not a hit for The Wicked Whispers, could easily be reinterpreted successfully by a solo singer. ‘Odyssey Mile’ finishes Maps of the Mystic on an upbeat note with its Doors’y meets Lee Powers stomp highlighting the records great production. This is testament to the band and Mike Murphy’s commitment to perfection.

Maps of the Mystic is available on gatefold 12″ Vinyl, CD with 16 page colour booklet or downloadable from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and more.

Further information: