Strange Roads – The Action’s Rolled Gold

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As the world marvels at the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper, it’s time to shine a light on George Martin’s other protégés, The Action. Their legendary ‘Rolled Gold’ demo material recorded in late 1967 and early 1968 has been lovingly dusted off and remoulded for 2017 by US group Sidewalk Society on ‘Strange Roads: The Songs of Rolled Gold’.

rolled gold the action

  1. Sidewalk Society – Strange Roads (Strange Roads: the songs of Rolled Gold, Fruits de Mer, 2017)
  2. The Action – Shadows And Reflections (Single A-side, Parlophone, 1967)
  3. The Action – Since I Lost My Baby (Single B-side to Baby You’ve Got It, Parlophone, 1966)
  4. The Action ‎- India (BBC Radio’s Saturday Club 1967) (Uptight And Outasight, Circle Records, 2004)
  5. The Action – Love Is All (Rolled Gold, Reaction, 2002 rec 1967 – 68)
  6. Sidewalk Society – Really Doesn’t Matter (Strange Roads: the songs of Rolled Gold, Fruits de Mer, 2017)
  7. The Action – Icarus (Rolled Gold, Reaction, 2002 rec 1967 – 68)
  8. Sidewalk Society – Brain (Strange Roads: the songs of Rolled Gold, Fruits de Mer, 2017)
  9. Reg King – In My Dreams (Reg King, United Artists, 1971)
  10. The Action / Mighty Baby – My Favourite Day (Action Speak Louder Than…, Dojo, 1985 rec 1968)
  11. The Action / Mighty Baby – A Saying For Today (Action Speak Louder Than…, Dojo, 1985 rec 1968)
  12. Mighty Baby ‎– Egyptian Tomb (Mighty Baby, Head, 1969)
  13. Mighty Baby ‎– At A Point Between Fate And Destiny (Mighty Baby, Head, 1969)
  14. Sidewalk Society – Things You Cannot See (Strange Roads: the songs of Rolled Gold, Fruits de Mer, 2017)
  15. The Action – Little Boy (Rolled Gold, Reaction, 2002 rec 1967 – 68)

Take a trip to Rolled Gold with The Action’s Roger Powell, Ian Whiteman plus Sidewalk Society.

More information available at:

The Action – Rolled Gold – Reaction Records

Sidewalk Society’s Strange Road – Fruit de Mer

The Action – In The Lap Of The Mods (book)

Barry Ryan Interview

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Barry Ryan alongside his songwriting brother Paul produced some of the lushest most inventive music of the 1960s and 70s, including European chart topper ‘Eloise’. 

barry ryan

In a rare interview transcribed from his extensive podcast interview with Jason Barnard, Barry talks about the tracks that shaped his career:

Clockwork Flowers – Uncle John

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The Clockwork Flowers latest single ‘Uncle John’ celebrates the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles ‘Sgt. Pepper’.

In a first for the band, this exuberant Beatlesque track is also presented with a lovingly produced 60s psych themed music video.

With its marvelous pepperland ingredients a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

New Routes – Folk Roots

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Review by Jason Barnard

Those that know me are aware of the backed up pile of review requests at Strange Brew HQ, but despite this I occasionally highlight artists that are well worth seeking out.

There are two folk influenced releases I’d therefore like to mention

  • a gorgeous single from Renée Forrester and;
  • stirring live album from Tom Moriarty

Two years ago Renee released the self titled album “The Moon Band” with her former partner Nicholas Tomlinson. A superb record, its acid-folk sound and ethereal nature made it one of the highlights of the year. Now solo and residing on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, her new single ‘Galaxy Girl’ b/w ‘How to Say Goodbye’ shows her striking solo talent.

Both tracks draw comparisons with Lesley Duncan and Donovan and showcase that we’re in for something special with her forthcoming album.

British singer-songwriter, Tom Moriarty, is clearly the music industry’s big secret. Despite two albums under his belt and a host of critical plaudits (including David Crosby) his profile doesn’t quite match his prodigious talent.  His third album ‘The Shore’ is a solo acoustic live album, recorded in the tiny wood-vaulted chapel of a small hilltop village in France where Tom now makes his home.

With a sound recalling Ray Lamontagne and John Martyn his songwriting more than stands up to peers past and present. The record is consistently strong from the passionate ‘Love You Till I Die’, and reflective ‘Our Time Again’ to album closer ‘Us Against The World’. This final track embody’s the spirit of the album with Tom highlighting ‘That one’s the most important to me. It’s actually not a song, it’s a hymn. A hymn for our planet. For our future.’ Amen to that.

Alison O’Donnell

Sunday, 14 May 2017, 18:34 | Category : Podcasts
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Alison O’Donnell, former singer for acid folk legends Mellow Candle talks to Jason Barnard about her life in music, including forthcoming solo album Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace on Mega Dodo.

alison o'donnell mellow candle

  1. Alison O’Donnell – An Empire In Its Glory (Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace, MegaDodo, 2017)
  2. Mellow Candle – Feeling High (Single A-side, SNB, 1968)
  3. Mellow Candle – Heaven Heath (1969 demo) (The Virgin Prophet, Kissing Spell, 1994)
  4. Mellow Candle – Sheep Season (Swaddling Songs, Deram, 1972)
  5. Mellow Candle – Messenger Birds (Swaddling Songs, Deram, 1972)
  6. Mellow Candle – Dan The Wing (Swaddling Songs, Deram, 1972)
  7. Flibbertigibbet – Little Roving Sailor (Whistling Jigs To The Moon, Stanyan, 1978)
  8. Flibbertigibbet – Episodes (Whistling Jigs To The Moon, Stanyan, 1978)
  9. The Owl Service and Alison O’Donnell – The Wooden Coat (The Fabric of Folk, Static Caravan, 2008)
  10. Alison O’Donnell – Come Unto Me (Hey Hey Hippy Witch, Freeworld, 2009)
  11. Head South By Weaving & Alison O’Donnell – Fleeing Limbus (The Execution of Frederick Baker, Ritual Echo, 2012)
  12. Firefay & Alison O’Donnell – Night Spell (Anointed Queen, Stone Tape Recordings, 2014)
  13. United Bible Studies – The Devil’s Trumpet is a Witch’s Weed (Rosary Bleeds, Golden Pavilion, 2016)
  14. Alison O’Donnell – In The Snowmelt (Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace, MegaDodo, 2017)

Take a journey from Alison’s first recordings with Mellow Candle, the rare folk of Flibbertigibbet, solo work and her recent collaborations with The Owl Service, Head South By Weaving, Firefay and United Bible Studies. More information can be found at:

Barry Ryan

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In a rare podcast interview singer Barry Ryan talks to Jason Barnard about his greatest hits and rarities.

barry ryan

  1. Paul and Barry Ryan – Don’t Bring Me Your Heartaches (Single A-side, Decca, 1965)
  2. Paul and Barry Ryan – I Love How You Love Me (Single A-side, Decca, 1966)
  3. Paul and Barry Ryan – Keep It Out Of Sight (Single A-side, Decca, 1967)
  4. Paul and Barry Ryan – Madrigal (Single B-side to Pictures of Today, Decca, 1968)
  5. Barry Ryan – Eloise (Barry Ryan Sings Paul Ryan, MGM, 1969)
  6. Barry Ryan with The Majority – Love Is Love (Single A-side, MGM, 1969)
  7. Barry Ryan – Why Do You Cry My Love? (Barry Ryan Sings Paul Ryan, MGM, 1969)
  8. Barry Ryan ‎– My Mama (Barry Ryan Sings Paul Ryan, MGM, 1969)
  9. Barry Ryan – The Hunt (Single A-side, Polydor, 1969)
  10. Barry Ryan – Magical Spiel (Single A-side, Polydor, 1970)
  11. Barry Ryan with The Paul Ryan Orchestra – Kitsch (Single A-side, Polydor, 1970)
  12. Barry Ryan – I Think You Know My Name (Sanctus, Sanctus Hallelujah, Polydor, 1972)
  13. Barry Ryan – Who Put The Lights Out (Barry Ryan 3, Polydor, 1970)
  14. Barry Ryan – Brother (Single A-side, Private Stock, 1977)
  15. Barry Ryan – Break The Circle (demo – unreleased)

Listen to the lushest inventive pop music of the 1960s and 70s in this landmark podcast show.