Billy Kinsley – The Merseybeats, The Merseys and Liverpool Express

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Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats, The Merseys and Liverpool Express talks about timeless hits and hidden gems.billy kinsley

  1. Liverpool Express – You Are My Love (Single A-side, Warner Bros, 1976)
  2. The Merseybeats – It’s Love That Really Counts (Single A-side, Fontana, 1963)
  3. The Kinsleys – Do Me A Favour (demo) (Unearthed Merseybeat Vol 3, Viper 2005 rec 1964)
  4. The Merseybeats – I Stand Accused (Single A-side, Fontana, 1965)
  5. The Merseys – Sorrow (Single A-side, Fontana, 1966)
  6. The Merseys – So Sad About Us (Single A-side, Fontana, 1966)
  7. Jackie Lomax – New Day (Single A-side, Apple, 1969)
  8. Atlantis – I Ain’t Got Time (Single A-side, Fury, 1972)
  9. Rockin’ Horse – Julian The Hooligan (Yes It Is, Philips, 1971)
  10. Billy Kinsley – Annabella (Single A-side, Epic, 1973)
  11. Liverpool Express – Every Man Must Have A Dream (Single A-side, Warner Bros, 1976)
  12. Liverpool Express – It’s A Beautiful Day (Tracks, Warner Bros, 1976)
  13. Liverpool Express – Dreamin’ (Single A-side, Warner Brothers, 1976)
  14. Liverpool Express – Margie (Dreamin’, Warner Bros – Brazil, 1978)
  15. Liverpool Express – Take It Easy With My Heart (LEX, Warner Bros, 1979)
  16. Liverpool Express – Best Years Of My Life (Once Upon A Time, Every Man, 2003)
  17. Billy Kinsley – Natural High (It’s Love That Really Counts, Cavern City Tours, 2010)

For the first time the three 1970s studio albums by Liverpool Express have been issued on CD by Cherry Red.

Peter Howell and John Ferdinando Interview

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By Jason Barnard

From 1968 to 1974, amateur songwriters Peter Howell and John Ferdinando crafted a series of privately-issued albums rarely heard outside their East Sussex base. Over the years these records sold for astronomical sums due to their rarity, quality plus attribution to semi-fictitious groups including Ithaca and Agincourt.

John Ferdinando and Peter Howell

John Ferdinando and Peter Howell

Jason Barnard speaks to Peter and John to uncover their story as their material is released in the A Game For All Who Know: The H & F Recordings Box. This set gathers the first four albums and plus an unreleased-at-the-time fifth, the Friends LP Fragile. Fragile was abandoned at acetate stage after Peter joined the BBC Radiophonic Workshop full-time:

Wally Waller Interview – The Pretty Things Rock St Trop

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The story is the stuff of rock legend; heir to a fortune Philippe DeBarge contacts his favourite band, the Pretty Things who had just released landmark psychedelic album, SF Sorrow, seeking their help as his backing band. What followed was the making a great lost album that bridged the gap between legendary Pretty Things LPs SF Sorrow and Parachute. rock st trop

Now fully restored, Rock St Trop is now sees it’s definitive release with rare photos and extensive liner notes by ex-Pretty Thing Wally Waller. Jason Barnard speaks to Wally to uncover the story behind this extraordinary record:

Nathan Hall – Effigies

Monday, 13 November 2017, 19:07 | Category : Interview
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As he releases his first solo album, Nathan Hall of cult psychedelic heroes The Soft Hearted Scientists, talks to Jason Barnard about new long player Effigies.

James Warren

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James Warren, singer, songwriter and co-founder of Stackridge and The Korgis talks about writing some of his favourite tracks.

james warren

  1. James Warren – High Time (Innocent Bystander, Angel Air, 2017)
  2. James Warren – Have You Seen The Colours (Innocent Bystander, Angel Air, 2017)
  3. Stackridge – Dora the Female Explorer (Stackridge, MCA, 1971)
  4. Stackridge -There Is No Refuge (Friendliness, MCA, 1972)
  5. Stackridge – Do The Stanley (Single A-side, MCA, 1973)
  6. Stackridge – Dangerous Bacon (The Man In The Bowler Hat, MCA, 1974)
  7. The Korgis – Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime (Single A-side, Rialto, 1980)
  8. The Korgis – Dumb Waiters (Single A-side, Rialto, 1980)
  9. James Warren – They Don’t Believe In Magic (Burning Questions, Sonet, 1986)
  10. The Korgis – This World’s For Everyone (This World’s For Everyone, Angel Air, 1992)
  11. Stackridge – It’s A Fascinating World ( Something For The Weekend, Angel Air, 1999)
  12. James Warren – Love, Death And Photographs (Jim’s Easy Listening Album, Angel Air, 2008)
  13. Stackridge – Something About The Beatles (The Final Bow, Bristol 2015, Angel Air, 2017)
  14. Stackridge – Boots and Shoes (The Final Bow, Bristol 2015, Angel Air, 2017)
  15. James Warren – I Just Want You To Tell Me (Innocent Bystander, Angel Air, 2017)

This podcast features tracks from Stackridge’s new live album The Final Bow and James Warren’s latest album Innocent Bystander – both out now on Angel Air.

Martin Newell’s Jumble Sale

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By Jason Barnard

Martin Newell, one of the great English songwriters, continues to produce material as incessantly catchy and witty as his now revered 1980s DIY material as The Cleaners From Venus. It’s testament to him that his new release, Martin Newell’s Jumble Sale, a collection of off cuts from his early years and recent times, maintains this high quality.Martin Newell

After guesting on a Strange Brew podcast and interview a few years ago, Martin kindly agreed to respond to my questions on this release and other current projects. We also get an exclusive preview of his forthcoming musical Star Cafe, with two classic Newell tracks to listen to for the very first time: